Monday, April 21, 2008


The lack of posts is due to being up to my elbows in paint, spackle, and sewing. We have been moving the kids into different rooms. While doing this we decided to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls (furniture also) and add some decorative touches. Then, I was in Home Depot today and they had closet organizers clearanced. I am always a sucker for anything that helps us get more organized. Yet, it is one more item to add to our ever growing list.
After we get done with the inside chores we will work on getting the garden back in shape. A bit late for this area but hey, eating fresh grown tomatoes
are just as good in August as they are in July.
Pictures will be coming soon!
As for the rest of our day...well, I took the van down to the auto shop where they will be fixing the dent on the front end. This was the result of an accident that occured while Eric was in the hospital. It will take them a week to get this fixed.
I got a call from our friend who is buying the pool business. The business truck's transmission is going! What is it with transmissions?
I felt a bit overwhelmed by paying the bills last night. I am actually rather calm about the money issues...I know that the Lord will provide. I am more concerned about being able to juggle all these new chores. It is amazing to think that I now need to plan school, keep the kids motivated, train and disciple them, teach piano, manage the house, take care of the cars, the yard and the finances, and also feed the family. Whew!
There are times when I can't help but thinking "what were you thinking God?" I should have been taken and Eric should have stayed here to take care of all these things. He was so good at doing everything well. When I would go away he would have the laundry done, the house cleaned, the kids bathed, the kitchen counter tops dismantled and re-tiled! All in a 24 hr period. I am not kidding when I say that he ran circles around us all.
The guy was the incarnation of Tigger.
Tomorrow is a big day as we change all of the pool accounts and business "stuff" over to our friend's name. Oh, and there will be a bit more painting and organizing before the day is done.


Anonymous said...

Have been out of touch for awhile...our little Liberian beauty was in the hospital for five weeks. I prayed for you many, many times. You are not forgotten as you learn to go it without Eric. I pray that God strengthens your arms as you pain, that he gives you understanding of bills, accounts, and the joy to live each day for Him....Love, Denise

uncle rick said...

I like the sound of this!

felmleyfam said...

wow! I am sure that Eric would say that you are so good at what you do! afterall looking at those kids smiling faces on your site is proof! it was good to see some answers to prayer: car and business sale! PRAISE GOD! thank you for sharing your requests so we can pray and then PRAISE for all God is doing. What a great attitude you have amidst the grief. What a timely video you shared in your last post. praying for you as you miss your lover and best friend. may your kids give you many hugs and kisses to help with the lack of a hubbys arms. oh, you two were sweet together; thinking of the picture you posted on Valentine's day.

flowerpot said...

I am amazed that you find time to post at all. Isn't it wonderful to have Eric's wonderful attributes to refer to when thinking of his values and work ethic. He must've been an amazing guy. I am blessed by his legacy.


Vanderpolclan said...

I am thankful for you about the business end of things. God is gracious! I also really appreciated your post on whether or not Eric can see you. We also are Reformed and believe the same. I like to also say that he is busy praising our Father! Praying for you all.

godlover said...

Okay, I have to show my ignorance here. The other day you mentioned your religious standing and mentioned "reformed" and now above vanderpolclan says she's reformed. I'm sorry but I don't know what that means. I mean I've been reading and commenting for quite some time and I feel that we agree on most things so does that make me reformed also?? Could you possibly take out a minute or two and let me know exactly what you mean by "reformed." I know I should probably know by now what reformed means but I'm lacking in that understanding. Thanks!

Calaveras County

Lazy D Ranch said...

Here is a link to a post that I wrote about our reformed faith. I hope it answers all of your questions. If is spurs on more please let me know. You can contact me at

Nathan said...

Hi mom,
Sorry, for not calling but my phone got wet, I'll be fine. I've been having so much fun we've allbeen going none stop. I'll try to check up on the log in a couple of days and write again. Its dinner time here so I've got to get going write to you'll sooooooon. T.C.C -Goose-

kymk99 said...

Sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy these days!

Yvonne :o)