Friday, May 9, 2008

Almost Ready

Well, we are almost ready to head out on our grand adventure. The excitement is building in our home and items on our ever growing list are being marked off. The trailer and van seem to be in good working order. They have been checked out by some very helpful friends.
Today was all about cleaning out the trailer until I got the idea in my head to do some reconstructing of the inside. The dinette was useless because of its half-circle design. I decided that we needed to tear it out and create a bench seat instead. Boo and Miss M probably thought something along these lines "Oh boy, here goes Mom again coming up with an idea at the last minute. I hope she knows what she's doing." I never do know what I am doing. I kind of think that things should just work. Thankfully this idea did work although I will admit that it probably should have been done much earlier than two days before our departure.
We did clean out the trailer and L came over providing lunch and quite a few helping hands. We got most of the food packed and everything spotless. Tomorrow the clothes go in and the beds get made. We also need to finish the bench project.
After we finish that project we will need to clean up the house and make sure everything is ready to go. This is when you know that the moment you leave the driveway there will be a big sigh from everyone. A sigh of relief that the work is done and the adventure is beginning.
I probably will not be able to post until Wednesday or Thursday. An obvious prayer request would be for safe travels, mending of hearts, and a great time of bonding between the children and I.


BelovedPeace said...

Can't wait to see you Mrs. D.! :-)
We are also getting ready for the trip, and everything!! :-) We cleaned out our van the other day, and will probably pack up the car top carrier with the "big" suitcases tomorrow! :-)
Have a wonderful trip, and Lord willing we will see you soon! :-)
Amy :O)

godlover said...

I'm getting excited for you. I have been (and will continue) praying for the general health of everyone; that you'll all be healthy the entire time you're gone. I've also been praying for your safety on the road. How's that, you haven't even left yet and I've got you covered! I'm praying that you will all have a great time. It will be hard without Eric but you guys can do it. You know, Eric would be so proud of the way you are all carrying on. I'm sure he'd think he "trained" you well, ha! Eric had such wonderful foresight to teach the three of you to drive the van and tow the trailer. He must have been an awesome husband and father. I think I've just stated the obvious. What day are you leaving? I'm thinking Monday but I don't think I remember you saying exactly when you would be leaving. Our Father in heaven will give all of you what He desires you to have out of this trip. So releasing everything into His most capable hands I'll be praying until you safely get back home. We haven't taken a trip in probably 10 years and I find myself wishing I could go with you. When I was a JW we always had these big conventions once a year and I remember the anticipation of going and being surrounded by like-minded people and where you could spend entire days just doing, thinking, speaking, walking, sleeping, you name it, all for Jehovah. I certainly don't miss the dark error involved with the JWs but sometimes I miss those big conventions. It was nice to be surrounded by, and saturated in, a common belief. Praise God that He brought me out of that cult and into a proper relationship with Him, baptized into Christ, and serving Him alone. Christ is my life! Father, I just ask you to watch over this family you created. Keep them safe from harm and illness and may their days be filled with laughter and love and may they build and nourish relationships created out of the very body of Christ. Love them, guide them, and protect them. In Jesus' name, Amen!
Calaveras County CA

Jennifer said...

Have a great trip! We will be praying for you guys and look forward to hearing all about it!

Jennifer A.

A.W. said...

Thanking of you today..and praying for you.
Your sister in Christ,


monica said...


I wanted to send you a little note wishing you a Happy Mother's Day. May you blessed today. Our pastor did a sermon for encouragement for mothers today and although he wanted to go further into detail he had five points he touched on.
1. Be honored by your Calling.
Life on life transmission for
the glory of God.
2. Be stabilized by your Idenity/
Joy in Christ.
In the presence of the Lord
there is fullness of Joy-Rejoice
in the Lord always and again I
say rejoice.
3. Be empowered by your God.
Need Gods power in the heart of
our children(He saves). It is
His Holy Spirit we are the
channels that He uses. Make your
time with Him #1 priority.
4. Be aware of your stumbling
-yourself:self-love, self-pity,
-motherhood is spiritual warfar
5. Be biblical in your training.
training is about the hearts of
our children. Teach, pray, model
faithful soaking in the word and
squeezing out on our children

Proverbs 31:26-31

You are in our prayers each day. Have a wonderful day and a great trip. We will pray for your safety and for a wonderful bonding time with the family. Much love.

Monica and Xavier

da halls said...

I hope that you all have an absolutely wonderful trip. I have been praying for your preparations that it would all go more smoothly than you could ever have imagined.
I suppose you are "on the road" now. Very exciting.
I will continue to pray for you.
Mary Beth