Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day One and Day Two

Six in the morning came way too quickly. Maybe it was because I was up till 3am. I was not packing…I was done with that. I just made a silly mistake – I bought twelve downloadable MP3s from Highlands Study Center. They have just started offering their Basement tapes in this format. Thinking that it would be great to catch up on past episodes while on our trip I started the process and realized quickly that if each download took ten minutes then I was looking at two hours minimum. So, in between each download I took a cat nap and that is how I was up till 3am.
Our first stop was in Reno where we met our friends, the Hectors. They are traveling most of this trip with us. It was after lunch that we realized that one of the new tires on our trailer was going flat. That meant our next stop was to Costco where they fixed our flat. They informed us that the tire would have to be replaced at some point but that we could probably wait till Salt Lake City. But, this delay kept us from getting to SLC that night. We did make it to Elko, Nevada though. As we drove into the city limits there was a big sign advertising Les Scwaab (a favorite tire store since he began his tire empire in Central Oregon).
After a good night’s sleep we took the trailer down and had the tire replaced. In the meantime, we spent an hour shopping at a super Wal-mart. Can I just pause to say that this store was actually nice and clean? Why in the world can’t they keep a store clean in California? Anyway, it wasn’t long before we were on the road again and we basically only stopped for gas.
I spent the afternoon traveling in the Hector motorhome with Brown Sugar. It is so nice to have her be able to walk around and lay down to take her nap rather then sitting in her car seat. By evening we were starting to talk about dinner plans. It was the littlest Hector’s birthday and since we could not find a Fresh Choice (her birthday choice) we found the next best thing…Little America.
I have never heard of this travel center before but it is quite the stop. It is strange to see colonial architecture in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It was a bit cheesy but Mrs. Hector had fond memories of stopping there when she was seven years old. The billboard signs leading up to the stop were promising, even advertising children stay free. We joked about how we should take them up on this since between our two families we have twelve children and that is not including the three “children” who are eighteen and older. We had thought about just stopping to take a picture of the sign but ended up eating there. It was about as good as any diner is. Nothing special. But, the company was great.
Our stop for the evening was Rollins, Wyoming but we got there just before a storm hit and so we decided that it would be better to press on to Cheyenne. The thought was it would be better to be stuck in Cheyenne than in a small trucker town out in the middle of nowhere. Goose drove over the Rocky Mountains with snow coming down and icy road conditions. We got in about 2am. These days are awfully long but I have to admit that I have loved every minute of them. I love adventure and it has been quite exciting to see the scenery along the way. We have had beautiful sunshine mixed with rain, snow, and even a sand storm. Goose and Boo have done a great job driving. I am so proud of them and I KNOW that Eric would be too if he was here with us.
My mind has been so occupied that I have had little time to be lonely. But, the first night sleeping in the trailer without Eric snuggling up to me was incredibly hard. Once, again through the tears I was comforted by my heavenly father and husband. As I prayed for us all in the snowstorm I thought about how the past is full of love, the present is full of pain, and the future is full of hope and hopefully more love. Simplistic and it doesn’t quite sum up all of life but it was encouraging for the moment. The rest of my evening was filled with prayers for those in Myanmar and China. Even though my heart breaks for my own loss I can’t help but thinking of those who have lost more than just one loved one and possibly even lost everything they owned.
It is time to get rolling again. I am posting from a McDonalds in the heart of Nebraska. Next stop is Eric’s sister’s home. Tomorrow is Peoria, IL, Lord willing.


The Rykens said...

We are keeping your travels in our prayers and are looking frward to meeting your family sometimes this weekiend.


Valerie said...


So good to see an update. I have been checking regularly-no pressure! The kids and I pray on the way to school each day and it was so touching to hear Jonathan pray for your families safety and that God be with you as he said "it would be hard to do without Mr. Davis." So true, so true. We are praying for new memories and adventures for you. Keep us updated and have a great time! We miss you already!

godlover said...

This is my second attempt to make contact with you. My first attempt went to wherever things go when you click on "Publish" and your server goes out at the same instant. It's just gone. Well then it must not have been meant to go through. You are making good time on your trip. I know the first night alone must have been hard for you, as all first nights have been and will continue to be since Eric's passing. But you are building new memories and establishing a totally new sense of family. I just know Eric would be so proud of you the way you are all carrying on. I'm glad Goose and Boo are able to help with the driving. You haven't mentioned Boo driving but I'm sure she probably has. Such wonderful forethought to have prepared you all for the time when he wouldn't be with you. Our faithful God was at work in establishing you for your life after Eric. I, too, pray for those in China and Myanmar. I can't fathom the misery! So many lives lost; so many broken hearts! We live in a fallen world and as such we have trials of all sizes and shapes and colors. But we are a blessed people because God has given us the privilege of prayer. We can be part of the passion and heartbreak and, in time, healing. Sorry you had a tire malfunction but glad it didn't blow out while you were out in the middle of no where. Stay safe and keep us all posted to what you are doing. My prayers go with you.

Calaveras County CA

Vanderpolclan said...

Enjoy your trip! So glad you can go and visit some friends. May you have a blessed time together, re-living many precious memories and building new ones. May God go with you.


sheep wanderer said...

The trip ahead sounds fun. Continuing to remember you in prayer.


Simply Tiffany said...

We are so looking forward to y'alls arrival! We're going to have such a blast!

Sonja said...

So excited for you all. I love road trips! About 5 years ago, my three kids and I headed out across country for 5 weeks. It was so much fun, but was definitely ready to come home by the end.

Praying for your safety and continued healing on this trip.