Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nasty Weekend

I am trying hard to figure out why I spent time and money to travel to Central Oregon this past weekend. Actually I am still here. Number three of seven is now sick. The first to become sick was Brown Sugar. She started throwing up Friday night. By Saturday night I was sick which meant that I missed the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and brunch. I did make it to the reception.
Boo is sick today so we have postponed our trip home for a few hours to give her a bit of a rest.
About the wedding....Idon't even know where to begin. After the rehearsal dinner my parents came home rather distressed. We had a long talk about some things that were being included in the ceremony. I had already told my parents that I had certain things I would not tolerate. In my delirium I felt that everything was still o-kay but that we might have to take a stand. I went back to throwing up and didn't worry about it. At 5am I was woken up by my mom. She had been up all night very concerned. She asked me to look at the order of the ceremony so that I could better know what was going on. I read through it and was heartsick that they had chosen a pagan celtic wedding with prayers to the sun and nature along with other problems.
I did not have much time to make a decision and my brain was rather foggy from illness. I asked Goose and Boo what they thought. We came to the conclusion that they should go and that Brown Sugar (who was still sick) and Lil' Cowboy should stay home with me. The other four would go and when they got to the particular part of the service that honored any other god they would huddle and pray out loud. I was at home praying without ceasing for my children. I was so bothered by this and still do not know if I made the right decision. Oh how I wish that Eric had been there to make the decision for me. Goose reminded me that they were children of the Covenant and that they would be protected.
I talked to Goose later and he said that everything went well. He said that the sun did not come out throughout the whole service until my dad gave his blessing. I had been praying that God would choose to hide the sun so that it would not be honored. My dad had written his blessing to include the phrases like "the Alpha and Omega", "I Am", and other wonderful references to the One True Living God. Goose said that all the other 'blessings', 'prayers' and such were unheard but when my dad spoke every word was heard. His name was glorified!
This morning I woke up feeling overwhelmed by Eric not being here to round us up and get us going. I have no idea why this particular memory would cause me to cry. I miss him so much right now.
We have a long week ahead. We will get back late tonight and then tomorrow we have to get working on getting ready for our next trip which begins next weekend. We will be traveling to Illinois for the General Session of our denomination. We will be gone for three weeks and hope to have a lot of great pictures to show you. Tomorrow I will show try to post some pictures of this past trip. All of my USB ports have stopped working on this laptop. Ugh! Just another thing to add to my plate of never ending responsibilities. His strength is perfect when I am weak.


godlover said...

I'm so sorry you're having to go through so much, Heather. But I think you made the right decision not to go and I am forever blessed knowing that your children went and prayed aloud while the paganism was going on around them. Maybe they had the 6:30 wedding in honor of the morning god??? Boo is right, you are all protected by the covenant. Was this a friend or relative's wedding? I can't remember if you even said. But it doesn't matter. I can just imagine the stress this put on your poor sick self. (Well, that doesn't sound quite right, but I think you can know what I mean.)

Will your entire family be going to Illinois? Do you have family or friends to stay with during that time? Seems an awfully long time to be away for a "convention." Here's hoping and praying that you have some time to rest up and get well before taking off again. While these things are a hassle it just might be best to keep your mind occupied for awhile. I think that's why my son's death hit me so hard. I wasn't working at the time and I couldn't concentrate so I dropped out of my college classes and just suffered in silence. Now I wish I'd have had something to do during that time of grief. I don't think it would have been so hard on me if I'd just had something to do to occupy my mind part of the time.

Anyway, my prayers for the safe return of your family. That's a long drive. At least you don't have to do all the driving; Boo and Goose can help. Take care, my friend, and I make daily prayers for you and yours in my prayer journal. I love you all so much and I've never met any of you. Isn't the love of God incredible and amazing? Looking forward to some photos. God bless you!
Calaveras County, CA

kymk99 said...

Hi Heather,

I am so sorry to hear that the weekend was not a pleasant experience. But when push came to shove, your family knew without a doubt who to lean on for protection. I pray that your next road 'adventure' will bring many new memories and joyful times.

Yvonne :o)

Rachel Marie said...

Sorry to hear about your weekend! While it may be hard for you to know if going at all was the right thing, I'm sure your parents appreciated your moral support and the prayers of you and your children. Hope everyone feels healthy again soon!

uncle rick said...

The "Gates of hell" shall not prevail against the KINGDOM OF GOD. It was a stronghold of the pagans that was on the defense here. Greater is He that is within us than he than it in the world. And they overcame by the word of their testimony. For he has not given us a spirit of fear. Onward christians soldiers. Take His banner into the darkness and fear not . And they shall be lead by a child.