Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Riverbend Ranch Carnival

It is that time again...time to spend some fun, quality time with your kids at the Riverbend Ranch Carnival for Charity. Our friends at the Riverbend Ranch have been teaching their family a wonderful lesson on giving. This whole family works long and hard to get this carnival off the ground. It is family friendly and always for a great cause.

Last year all the proceeds went to Acres of Hope which is the orphanage that Lil' Cowboy and Brown Sugar came from. This year they asked our family if they could bless us by helping to raise funds for our education account. I will tell you that there is no way to say no to their kiddos. We love this family and appreciate all that they have done for us.

For more info please visit here.

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felmleyfam said...

wow! So good to see how God has continued to bless you in your time of loss. So glad you are "lifting your eyes to the Maker!"