Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Do I Start?

We have been having a wonderful time at the McDonald's home. James, Stacy, and all of the kids having been treating us to a relaxing few days boating on their pond, star-gazing, building chicken coops, and planting gardens. My favorite part of the day has been sitting in the screened -in porch with a glass of wine, eating incredible chocolate (Scharffenberger of course)talking and laughing. Some of those times were spent with RC Sproul Jr, James, the Hectors, Jayne (another web friend), Stacy and I. Other times it was just Stacy and I. It has been rejuvenating. The children have all had such a great time getting to know one another and have forged lasting friendships. We were even given the pleasure of meeting Tiffany's fiance before he went back to college.

We have been extending our days here as the kids beg to spend more time together but alas, our time is ending. We must travel south to the Creation Museum...a must see. It is in Kentucky and then we travel on to another church in our Presbytery in Tennessee. We will be staying there a few days and hope to enjoy the sights and sounds of Nashville and surrounding area.

Instead of trying to post a whole bunch of photos on the site I thought I would try the whole slide show idea. We will see if it works. It will be over in the side bar so check it out.


felmleyfam said...

looking forward to seeing the slideshow. thanks for sharing yourl ife.

Valerie said...

Thinking of you continually! We keep praying for the family on our trips into school (10 more days!). I don't know who is counting down more Kirk or the kids (he has been sleeping around 4 hours a night and putting in 75 plus hours a week!-PTL for a husband who is willing to work hard to provide for our family in a 2 income economy so I can stay at home).

I just have to tell you as I was so anxious at one time Ben is off of the pacifier and into a "big boy bed" and getting closer to being potty trained (although it is so different this time around and been much more difficult). His latest antic was finding him in the parking lot at Jonathan's baseball game on top of our van (Yes, on top!). Kirk found him and when he told me kind of looked at me with that it was my fault kind of look. So I said that we pulled the van into the driveway and practiced that everyday-NOT What possess a kid to do stuff like that? You've got to cry or laugh and keep on keeping on! Heather this child keeps me humble and continually beggind God for wisdom and strength.

Well, just thought we'd share a bit of our stuff with you. We miss you terribly and can't wait to come over and swim this summer. So glad you are having such a wonderful time. You all need that so much! For all the times you have ministered to families in your home,

Blessing on you my friend! Give all the kids hugs from Mrs. McCall and tell Brown Sugar Hannah says hi and she needs to come play with her new kitchen she got for her birthday.

love to you,

Laurie said...

Oh Heather, it is so good to read that this time is "rejuvenating" for you and the kids. It makes my heart see so much hope on your horizon. You will etch this time in your hearts to last you a lifetime. Praying for safe travel as you set back out on the road soon. Have I mentioned that you are the bravest woman I know to be traveling like this? You simply amaze me and I pray His blessings all over the rest of your journey.

With Love, Joy and Hope, Laurie in So. Ca.

godlover said...

You and yours, Heather, remain in my daily prayers. I'm praying for much happiness and fun times; a time to burn new memories onto your inner CD and a time spent resting from the "normal." I will also continue to pray for your safety and well-being. Glad you seem to be having a great time and hope the great times continue. For the time being, just praise God and drink from His cup. Rest. Recuperate. Rejuvenate. And rely on our heavenly Father because He can be trusted with our very souls. The weather is much cooler now. You missed the short heat wave we had; lucky you. Before you know it though, you'll be back in the central California kiln. Whoa, it was hot! Love you all,

Calaveras County

rebecca j said...

I'm so glad you are having a refreshing time Heather. It sounds wonderful. Love, Rebecca