Sunday, June 29, 2008

Five Months

Five months ago today we said good-bye to our husband, dad, son, brother, friend.  I can't say it is getting easier to deal with the pain.  I so want him to come home and yet I know that he is home.  One of the hardest parts of this trial is the torn feeling in my heart.  Eric is safe at home in the presence of his Creator.  What better place is there to be?  As my brother in Christ I rejoice with him.  But, I am lonely and want him back.  I wish that he could wrap his arms around me and comfort me as I know he would if he were here.  

As I deal with these emotions I have been called to come to the side of my dear sister in Christ and friend, Kendra.  What a privilege to be able to do more than empathize with her pain.  I know it full well and can confidently stand by her side and encourage her.  
We had some very good news regarding baby Joe.  They were able to give him a feeding tube today and he has been urinating well.   We chuckle about the fact that we are actually happy that this kid is wetting his diapers and getting irritated by the nurses poking and prodding him.  Who knew this would be such a blessing!

We marvel at what the Lord has allowed our church to face over the past year.  We have had one of our elders have problems with his heart.  That same elder's wife almost miscarried their eighth child at 24 wks.  She was on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy.  This little one was born the day before Eric died.  She then ended up in the hospital with RSV.  The month before Eric died another little one was born to another family in our church and then spent 25 days in ICU.  The day after Eric's memorial this little sweetie was rushed to the Children's hospital with RSV.   Then, we had another child come down with RSV and spend a few nights in the hospital.   Of course, losing Eric was the hardest physical blow to our congregation and we are all still working through that sorrow.  
Our church is fairly well off financially and spiritually we are a very strong church body.  We have incredible leaders and a love that abounds freely in our fellowship.  Physically though we are being tested.  Our community is learning to serve frequently.  God is being exalted.  His name is being glorified.  His church is being sanctified.
So, if you feel like your christian walk is dull and needs a bit of excitement we challenge you to come join us....just make sure you have insurance!

****Fletch ( my elder and friend and dentist) commented on the many other afflictions that have come our way.  Sheesh did I forget a lot!  If you are curious read the second comment.


godlover said...

So happy that baby Joe appears to be improving. Prayers have high value when they come from the hearts of dedicated pray-ers. And I'm terribly sorry that today marks another day on your journey-through-grief calendar. The struggles at your church will only make her stronger and we hope wiser in the end. Just as we grow through difficulties, so does our church because she is, indeed, a living thing. I will pray extra hard for you tonight, Heather. And I'll praise God over baby Joe.


fletch said...

Thanks for praying for Joe and being their for Kenj...
We also have had bypass surgery, staph infections, motorcycle accidents, unhealed broken wrists, and a big ol' brain tumor...
Yes, come join us...bring antibiotics with you!

Christy said...

praying for you. . . encouraged by God's grace in your life. . . would LOVE to come and join you. . . oh to know God more

The Mom said...

Amen to Christy.

To be strong in Christ is all that mattters, ultimately

Remembering you in your sorrow

H from England)

Jonathan Hunt said...

Another from England...

Still reading along and praying for you.

rebecca j said...

"just make sure you have insurance" You made me laugh. Thanks for that. : ) Praying for you.


lovedbeyondmeassure said...

You are all in our prayers, Precious one.It was ablessing to meet you when you were here for the CHEC conference. You have been to the Valley and you know the pain that is there, one thing I learned through the Home going of my own precious beloved, was, there are no shadows without light. The Valley of the shadow of death is just that, a valley of shadow. The light is on the ridge, and we don't go into the shadow alone. My heart and my prayers are with you and your children always.

singleminded said...

Speaking of insurance - we have found the "Master's Plan" to be most effective :)

Continuing in prayer ~ Diana

djm1521 said...

Dear Heather
This is just a heart-felt reminder that you are brought before the throne of Grace by many brothers and sisters in Christ as we share your trials and sorrows with them. It is a joy to hear of the sanctifying work of the Spirit in your soul as you are led through this fiery furnace. But once the dross is removed you shall come forth as gold...and how much shines forth already! Remember your great trial is a mark of sonship for "whom the Lord loveth he chaseneth" and though mingled with so much pain it promises to yield the " peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby". Remember dear Heather you are kept by the power of God... for whom nothing is impossible.
May the peace of God rule in your heart.
Affectionately in Him

Anonymous said...

I too want to assure you that we are following your blog and praying with you as our Father continues to walk along side you on your unexpected journey.
I don't know if you knew or remember Sal and Priscilla Damante from days past where we used to attend church in Modesto? You may have read in the paper this week that he is now with our Lord as well. Priscilla needs our prayers as she too begins her journey as a widow after losing her best friend. His coronation service (as Calvary Chapel calls it) was awesome. I have now attended the services for two men of God in the past 5 months and been forever blessed through those experiences. As Pastor Damian said this week, Heaven is richer, but earth is poorer. We miss both of them.
Your sister in Him,
Sue R.

Mrs. Jeannie Mitchell said...

Good Morning Heather,
You have been in my thoughts many times lately, again, and I want to let you know that we are still praying and will continue. I play my "Playlist" most mornings as I am working and it reminds me of you because because of this sight is how I found it. Thanks! I only imagine how much you miss Eric and how it is to Mother without your strong husband but know that our Heavenly Father knows how strong you are and what you need to keep going. Keep looking up!

S & C & C's Gram said...

My husband, best friend, and elder notes, "Remember dear, not everyone is privileged to suffer".

Hmmmnnn... pondering that word, privileged. Doesn't always feel that way, does it?

But, we haven't yet entered eternity, where we will see things differently.

Love you, Heather and children.