Saturday, August 2, 2008

County Fair and a Sweet Visit

This might be mission month at our church but it was mission week at our house. Our friends, Todd and Jennifer Edgerton and their two children, stayed over night Monday night. Todd was a high school friend of Eric's. They have been to Guatemala and are now on their way to Haiti with Mission Aviation Fellowship. The first Monday of our County Fair is Christian night. We attend every year so this year was no exception. It was not easy since this was one of Eric's favorite family activities but once again we walked into the pain and survived.
The guest musicians this year were Matthew West and Building429. Personally I wonder why the sound guys ramp up the sound system so much that the music becomes distorted. I am kind of a music purist and I have perfect pitch so it really irritates me to hear only thumps and off key vocals.
Matthew West was entertaining and has an incredible talent in creating a song from out of nowhere. He wrote a song for us Turlockonians that included the smell of cow manure and everything tasting good on a stick (every fair has cheesecake on a stick right?) His latest song to be played on the radio is called "You are Everything". It came out right after Eric died so you can imagine many tears flowing during this one. Here is a few of the lyrics...
You are everything that I live for
Everything that I can’t believe is happening
You’re standing right in front of me
With arms wide open
All I know is
Every day is filled with hope
You are everything that I believe for
And I can’t help but breathe you in
Breathe again
Feeling all this life within
Every single beat of my heart

So, when Building429 came on they upped the volume...I still don't understand how they accomplished this but they did. The lead singer was so off key that I had to walk out of this concert. My cotton filled ears could take it no longer! So, a few of us walked around the fair to see what the kids placed for their photos and Boo's dresses.

We have found that Miss M has an incredible eye when it comes to photography. This is just one of many that she took on our journey across the US. She finds ordinary household items but gets the picture when the shadows are just right.
Miss M took a picture of her friend that won her first place. Again, another example of seeing something unique and then capturing it on film. I love the fact that she does not have to manipulate her photos in Photoshop. What you see is what you get.
Daisy took this picture looking up at the Air Force Academy Chapel. Another great eye which helped her win first place.
Goose took this photo from the top of the St. Louis Arch. It was a very cool picture.
The surprise of the evening was that Boo placed first and second in the sewing catagory. There was not a lot of competition which helped but if you ever get a chance to see her work you will agree that she is headed for greatness with her sewing. The floral dress was considered a very difficult project and she succeeded.
Here is the whole Edgerton family. They were on their way down to Corcoran and then onto Los Angeles. They are flying to Guatamala for a sweet visit with those that they ministered to and with years ago. Even though we were hoping to bless them by opening our home they blessed me by helping fix two of my toilets that needed some new parts. Todd also helped me with my wireless network and my email settings.
The few hours that we spent together helped us understand their timeline and what it will be like to live in Haiti. We can't wait to hear how God is using them in Port-au-Prince.


godlover said...

Looks like everyone did great projects for the fair exhibits. Miss M definitely has a photogs eye. Were those pics with Daisy, ones she'd taken herself, or more of Miss M's? Would love to see some of Boo's pieces up close. But congratulations to all the kids; they did a terrific job, winning how many ribbons between them?

You all did well, just going forward into the pain. It still hurts but if you go into it on your own, it seems to me, you have more control of the pain. Bless you all.


tenthstreetplace said...

Dustin should get connected with the Edgerton family.

Fruitful Vine Lady said...

Way to go, Davis kids! We're so proud of you. And, we miss you terribly. But, guess who we had over for dinner last night--the Todd Adams family! Long story, I will have to share sometime with you. But, we had such a great time with them, as I'm sure you would imagine.
Love you guys!