Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prayers for a Dear Friend

Lisa just called to let me know that a dear friend needs us to pray. Jeannie and her husband own Area127, a homeschool curriculum store based out of Northern California.
I do not have all the details but I will tell you that her husband has had several strokes and things are looking very serious.
Jeannie has posted in my comments section quite often as she has been praying for our family. I just saw her and her husband at the local homeschool convention.
When I told Goose his response was "I bought him a Starbucks this past weekend!" My response was "Yes, just like we hugged dad good-bye and then he never came home again.". Life changes in the blink of an eye.
We all say that life is like a vapor or a "flower quickly fading" but we rarely give creedance to this thought until it hits our home or someone close to us. Hopefully this blog has encouraged many of you to live life to its fullest and not waste time with things that do not matter.
We have no idea what tomorrow brings....or the next moment. The person you bought a coffee for today could be in the hospital tomorrow.
So, if you would, please pray for miraculous healing and peace for the family as they walk according to God's will.


rebecca said...

Thanks Heather. They are a sweet family. We will be praying. Also want you to know that I don't always know what to say but I am always thinking about you and praying for you sister.

I cannot believe it has been 6 months since Eric went home. It is beautiful to see God's strength through you. Keep looking up!

Love and prayers,

Quinne said...

Hi Heather :) Yes! We will pray with you. Love & hugs, Q

godlover said...

I will be praying. Your words are so true. We all need to cherish each other a little more each day. Because one day, they won't be here to cherish anymore. Or we won't be here to do the cherishing. So true that this life is like a vapor...


da halls said...

Thank you for letting us know. We will be praying.


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing. I just saw them at our homeschool convention two weeks ago (well I do not know them, but I was at their booth). Oh boy yes life is but a vapor!

Praying with you and always for you!
In Christ,

Mountain Mama said...

We will be praying!

flowerpot said...

I will definitely be praying. I have chills. Heather, ... thank you ... for your authenticity and conviction to speak truth so directly to my heart. The Lord uses you in such a sweet way.

I am still aching for you and each of your sweet kids. We truly do not know the future, but the One who holds the future is so Faithful. May He be unceasingly be praised.


The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

yes i will be praying. And thank you for sharring is all this. God has brought me to your site so many times to read just what he needs me too. You are a constant reminder to enjoy life and what really matters. You will never know how many others like me have needed to hear your candid words. Thank you Heather!