Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day

As I am out and about for the next couple of days I have decided to leave you with this beautiful quote from a book that a dear British friend left in the comments section of the blog post "Seven Months". I was incredibly touched by this quote. The book just can not get here fast enough. It's title is Night of Weeping: When God's Children Suffer by Horatius Bonar.

"It is on earth that He expects to get glory from us, glory such as angels cannot give, glory such as we shall not be able to give hereafter. It is here that we are to preach to angels; it is here we are to show to them what a glorious God is ours. Our whole life below is given us for this. But it is especially in sorrow and under infirmity that God looks for glory from us. What a God-honouring thing to see a struggling, sorrowing child of earth cleave fast to God, calmly trusting in Him, happy and at rest in the midst of storm and suffering! What a spectacle for the hosts of heaven! Now, then, is the time for the saints to give glory to the Lord their God. Let them prize affliction as the very time and opportunity for doing so most of all. Let them use such a season well. And oh, what consolation to think that affliction is really such a season! Ah surely it is one which an angel might covet, which an archangel would gladly stoop to were that possible! They can glorify God much in Heaven amid its glory and blessedness, but oh, not half so much as we can on earth amid suffering and shame!"

Have a wonderful weekend thanking the Lord for the labors that He daily sets before us.


TNfarmgirl said...

Thank you so much....this spoke much to my heart.

not2brightGRAM said...

That is beautiful.

And He is worthy.