Saturday, September 27, 2008

Church Picnic

What does our church do best? Having a great time. Our annual picnic was a hit. We had so much fun watching the kids having so much fun. Personally, I did not get as involved this year because there was that pain know, the whole grieving thing. Once again I had to face the hard fact that Eric was not there doing what he so loved...being with his family. Thomas (above) became the new pie eating champion. Eric had won every single title and Thomas always came in second. It was his day to shine now...good for him. It couldn't have happened to a greater guy!

One of our deacons showing how important it is to smash your face into the means less to eat!
Goose going at it with all his might. He was not able to beat Thomas but came in second.
Boo...still chewing?
Oh my! What a face! This girl is not afraid to get dirty!
Lil' Cowboy won third place in the pie eating contest for his age division.

"I don't think so!" Brown Sugar went up to Mrs. Olson and asked for a fork! This was the face she made when she found out there were no forks.
Our dear friend, Yvette, surprised us and joined the fun.
Goose and a friend won their age division of the three legged race.
Daisy and her friend came in first in their age division of the three legged race.

Just another example of the fellowship we enjoy at our church. Aren't I blessed?


Jennifer said...

I love the new "fall" template! Are you missing a little bio/pic for Brown Sugar on the sidebar or did I miss something?

Lazy D Ranch said...

It might have been that I was updating the blog at the time of your visit. I do have one up now. Thanks for visiting. ~Heather

Anonymous said...

I like the knew look. the old one was nice too though. :) how are you all? can't wait till boo comes out here!
love ya and still praying for you,

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

I love the new layout! *beautiful* Happy Fall! :-)

It looks like y'all had oodles of fun!! And that is TOO funny that Brown Sugar wanted a fork! LOL! TOO cute! :-D

We miss y'all!! *HUGS*

Love, Jessica

not2brightGRAM said...

Love the new look. Blog template and your photo... you're gorgeous!

One question about your church picnic photos. Who deosn't Yvette have pie all over her face? ;-)

Lianadrea said...

Your church has sooo much fun.
Matt M.