Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ten Months

Oh Daisy...what will you think of next!
Um..that is what she will think of about a compliant horse!
Eric's parents came to visit us for Thanksgiving. We took them out to the Kjeldgaard ranch for some fun, distraction, and great food (and I mean great food!)
Beautiful Thanksgiving table
Passing the platter and pouring the wine. Norm (my father-in-law) is somewhat of a wine connoisseur. He bought the best Italian sparkling wine I have ever tasted...perfect compliment to the turkey that was served.
After dinner fun...Mexican train, Musical chairs, German spotlight (for the kids willing to beat the cold outside), and a wonderful walk with my friend. Lisa and I grabbed our wine glasses and headed outdoors for an after dinner walk. The stars were brilliantly shining and the conversation was wonderful.
My closest friends have been a treasure for me during this time. When I am filled with doubt about the future they remind me of Who is in control. When I am struggling with being alone they listen and then conjure up ideas of how to set me up! When I just need to talk they listen and listen and listen without feeling the need to give me advice.
When I question a decision that I made they encourage me and have never questioned my ability. In fact, they keep telling me how well I am doing and reminding me that I can do this. They are not threatened by my singleness and gladly welcome their husbands giving me hugs and encouraging words. They know that they do not completely understand what I am going through and so they never patronize me with silly notions. And, when someone is patronizing they are like mama bears ready to go hunt the person down!
I am truly blessed by these women who have surrounded me.
And, here is one of those special friends. Lisa has been written about on this blog for the past year. She took over my blog quite a few times last November and January as I was devoting my time by Eric's side in the hospital. She has devoted much time and attention to me and my family. Her family put on a carnival to raise money for an educational fund for the kids. The list goes on...I could never thank her enough for her friendship.

November 29th brings us to ten months without Eric. I never thought I would get to this point and survive. I have done more than survive though. I have grown into a stronger more independant woman who loves life and can't wait to see what the Lord has for the future. Thanksgiving was a sweet day (as many of you said it would be). I choked back a few tears but I did well. The kids did well. We had a great time and made many new memories. I can only hope that next year will be filled with more blessings and much more to be thankful for.
Ten months is not as bad as seven months was. When I think of Eric now I can thank the Lord for the love we had. It is not as painful and yet not pain free.
He is faithful!


Anonymous said...

I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful you are (and I am not only speaking of outward beauty) what I AM speaking of is the beauty of Christ in you and through you. You are an amazing woman; you are an amazing inspiration to so many...your children will rise up and call you blessed Heather!
In His love,

Vicki said...

Heather, I have been following your family since the awful tragedy 10 months ago. And although I would like to say I have only paryed for you all. But in reality I have LEARNED so much from your situation. I can Love more freely. I am so sorry that you all are still walking this road out. BUT I am excited more and more each day to see what the Lord of ALL has in store for you. I am not sure if this is ok to post here. But I am praying for your NEXT husband. I just know that the Lord has someone Amazing for you and all your blessings. Thank you for being so super transparent in this time. Your light is even shinning in East Texas!!!