Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Well, we are not in California anymore and baby, it's cold outside! Right now it is a balmy 12 degrees out there. That is just too cold for this body! Thankfully I am snuggled up with my three year old inside a warm house.
The picture above was taken from the window of our car as we drove into Sisters, OR. Usually this is a bustling vacation area but not much is coming in or going out of this town right now.
There are only a few ways to get into Central Oregon. All paths take you through mountain passes which are being hit by storm after icy storm.
Our traveling into the center of the state was filled with nasty road conditions. We thought all was well until we began to climb the summit. We bypassed the chain up area and decided to go a little farther down the road. Things seemed to be going well with our van leading a pack of cars. But, soon we were in the middle of a white-out where I could not see the difference between the road and the side of the road. The snow was freezing as soon as it hit the windshield. Goose and Boo helped direct me down the road and Boo became our intermittent windshield wiper by leaning out the window and wiping off the ice.
We made it over the other side of the mountain with all of us praying; some silently and some out loud. The little town was a sight for sore eyes. We love Central Oregon but I have to tell you that I am a Californian at heart. I am not fond of cold weather or snow for that matter!
Later on in the evening we took a walk down to the local coffee shop. This is a cozy place with a warm fire available all day long. on the walk back home it started to snow. Brown Sugar had never been out in this much snow. She loved did the others.
These are definitely not my children!
I decided that it was important to at least have some evidence that I was out in the snow. So, here is the proof...all three layers of it!
My parents own a comfortable, quaint little place that is just a couple of blocks from the main street in town. Deer are quite common in my parents front yard. Really no reason to take a picture of another one but I liked this sweet picture. It was like the deer was posing for me.

It was truly a hair-raising experience driving over the pass. As I thought about our travels yesterday I realized that I had taken on another huge challenge and succeeded. Part of that challenge was depending on my children for direction. You see, I was blinded by the ice that was on my side of the windshield. You can't stop in a snow storm for various reasons so I had to do exactly what they told me and trust that they knew what they were doing.
What a lesson of faith!
Another growing experience for our family....and for me. But, honestly, I would be happy to not have to repeat that one again!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.
I will post after Christmas.


Diane said...

Good Job to everyone! Please stay there untill The roads are safer. Have a peaceful Christmas. I'm praying for you.

not2brightGRAM said...

Where are your scarves? That would definitely help! I wear mine even around the house....

Christine said...

From the last post, I thought you were staying home :) I guess sometimes we gotta do crazy things, but a white out (imagine me cringing here). I'm soooo very thankful you made it safely. I'd be in trouble if there was a coffee shop within walking distance. Have a wonderful time, laugh and cry and enjoy watching those blessings in the snow :) (from the window of course-hehe).

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Y'all look like you're having a beautiful time!!

I can absolutely relate to the "white out" experience! Several years ago we were driving through Idaho on a narrow mountain pass in the middle of a blizzard. It was a complete white out and the only thing we could see were the two lights of the 18 wheeler in front of us. We affectionately named him our "buddy" and followed him down the mountain. It was terrifying, but we, thankfully, made it safely (along with the 18 wheeler). I don't think I'd do that again willingly, that's for sure!!

It's very, very cold here too...yesterday was 7 degrees with a -25 degree windshield! Yikes!

I hope y'all are having a beautifully peaceful Christmas!!!

Love, Jessica