Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun in the Foothills

One of the families that attends our church lives up in the foothills (actually many of them do!) and so our family and the Fletcher family both headed up for an afternoon of fun. As the mothers sat in the warmth of their home the kids and dads went up to BLM land and had some fun. Goose is holding the littlest kiddo of the family that hosted us. He is two and learning at a young age how to keep up with his seven older brother and sisters.
One of the Fletcher girls had quite a lot of fun on this child size four-wheeler.
Boo loves to go four-wheelin'! She is definitely not afraid to get dirty.
Some four-wheelin' fun!
Watch out Jack have some competition!
I love this picture...see the flying casing to the right?
Another great shot...literally. The girls had quite a few compliments on how good at shooting they are. They take after their mom and make their dad proud!
Lil' Cowboy getting a helping hand.

After shooting the hand guns they advanced to shotguns and clay pigeons.
I am not sure what is dentist with a drill or a shotgun!

You know, as I downloaded these photos I was reminded of how this whole year has been filled with all kinds of outings and get aways. Our friends have blessed us with a year full of memories and great adventures. They have helped keep us busy and for that I am thankful.



Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

It looks like y'all had a fun time!! And I love that picture of Boo...she looks so cute on the dirt bike!!

We miss y'all and are eagerly anticipating next year!
Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Jessica

Angel Checks said...

Some great shots there, have you guys read any Brian Mclaren books like

A new kind of christian?

rebecca said...

Looks like fun!