Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Weekend

It was a good, it was a great weekend. The warm weather has allowed us to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Eric's mom has been down here for a visit this past week. She has gotten a pretty good glimpse on how crazy our life really is. We are a very busy family!
We started our weekend off at a friend's house. They open their home every fourth Friday for games and fellowship to anyone who wants to participate. We had a great time laughing and learning more about each other.
The next day we headed up to a local state park to watch a Civil War re-enactment. I have no desire to start a debate on which side was right. But, I think it only right to tell you that we are southern sympathizers...or even better, we are anti-federalists. We follow an elite group of men like Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee to name a few. You will not convince me otherwise. We have read much that has brought us to our viewpoint (and it has nothing to do with slavery!). In this regard, I am the proud mom of two children who don period costume and go "play" for the weekend.

It was a very warm day for us spectators. Our watching this re-enactment reminds me of those who went out in buggys and picnic lunches to watch the battle of Manassas...just outside of Washington D.C. The Yankees believed that this battle would begin and end the southerner's idea of secession. They were wrong. We did not have to flee back to the city as those did back then but we would have loved to have found a bit of shade!
Lisa and Boo. Always fun to enjoy these outings with great friends.
The state park where this was held has a covered bridge which lends to the historical look of the battle area.
Great battle scene

Miss M is the second from the right. This is her first year and she enjoyed herself immensely.
Yes, they use real canons and they are loud!
The confederate troops. Goose had the privilege of carrying the Confederate flag this time around.
We actually have four families from our church who are a part of the 43rd Virginia Cavalry. A small representation of Stonewall Jackson who happens to be named after the great man.
Goose and his was a treat to have her be able to watch something he loves to do.
Miss M and her Gramma.
Relaxing after a great battle where the South won.
One of the guys at our church is using old church bulletins to make his bullet casings. I got a kick out of this and then Goose replayed a scene from "Gods and Generals". Captain Penalton says to Stonewall Jackson "You are just in time for the christening of the artillery (canons). I have decided to name them Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John." Stonewall replied "I am sure you will do your utmost to spread the Gospel wherever you encounter the enemy." I guess you can say that our 43rd is just doing their job!

So, we spent a great Lord's day at church and then enjoyed an equally great time with close friends. The giggling going on with the girls was just calling for a picture.
Cutie pies! We love to have people over after corporate worship. We have very few meetings with people in our church community outside of Sunday. Spending the rest of the day with fellow believers just makes Sunday all the more special.
Sweet little girl was so tired that she curled up right in front of our front door. Just waiting for us adults to wrap up our ever deep discussions.
Hope you had as great a weekend as we did.


Kenj said...

OH! That sleeping sweetie!

Diane said...

Heather, I love reading your blog. In the past I've had trouble commenting, but not today! Over the past year as I have read your blog it's been abundantly obvious that you are truly resting in God's grace and what a testimony that is.

It looks like your family had a fabulous weekend!

CristyLynn said...

That reenactment looks like a blast! (um, no pun intended) And how grand that Gramma got to join the fun!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

It looks like y'all had such a nice time!!! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures!! Wish there were reenacting opportunities up here (well, besides Lincoln ones...:*grin*) :D

God bless! We miss y'all!

Love, Jessica

Anonymous said...

Great photos! So, how do you find locations and times of re-enactments in a certain area?

flowerpot said...

I love the picture of the little girl asleep by the front door. I grew up as a preacher's daughter and I can't tell you the number of times I fell asleep at someone else's house just like this.

godlover said...

What a great time had by all!!! It is special when you can spend time with spiritual brothers and sisters away from the church. We tend to do this rarely and I can't help but wonder why we don't do it more often. I loved the idea of opening a house once a month or so to just any one who wants to play games or visit. I think more of us would find out that we really like the children of God as well as we love them. The pictures looked suspiciously like Gold Country! Bet you weren't too far away. Your family is so wonderfully close and loving. I so enjoy your blog, Heather.

Kim said...

My daughter just left for a big reenactment in Payson, AZ. We are a part of the 1st Virginia Infantry based out of Phoenix, AZ (yes, Southern side as well :) We Make History is a Christian group (mostly homeschoolers) that puts on first rate reenactments and period balls all over the state. They've been invited to huge events on the East Coast because of their great reputation for authenticity and character. Just thought I'd mention them in case any of your readers live in Arizona! 5 of us are pictured in the 2nd row of the collage on this home page (Redhead in the hat thru the calico bonnet)--

Lots more pictures at if you're into ball gowns and period costumes. My 16 yr. old makes all the clothes for our family--she's an expert on the era and strives for hard-core authenticity. This week she whipped up a bunch of muslin drawstring bags to hold her dried fruit, homemade sourdough rolls and beef jerky, and hard-boiled chicken and duck eggs to live on tomorrow--old fashioned Ziploc baggies!