Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring has Sprung

It is down right gorgeous outside. The garden has been calling my name and the shoes are perminantly off my feet! I prefer flip flops or bare feet when it starts warming up.
I have been more of a fall type gal but the past few years I have watched myself change course and kind of fall in love with spring and summer.
Spring is just down right beautiful here in the valley. The almond blossoms came out the end of February and the beginning of March. There are places here where you can see nothing but white for miles as the almonds begin to bud. The peaches are as beautiful as they start to bud in the early spring. It is equally exciting to see the new leaves come popping out onto trees that have been dormant through the winter months.
I know we have quite a few cooler days ahead and even some rain but that is another thing I love about spring. You have a few days of rain and then beautiful 70 degree weather. It really is the best of both worlds.
Summer has become a fave although it was not that way early on. We have hot summers but with our pool the summers have become more manageable. I have learned the art of jumping in and playing with the kids. I also enjoy the incredible bounty of summer harvest in our area. The food is freshly picked from our valley. Add a few homemade lemon icees, frappes and a cold dark beer or two and we are set for a wonderful season.
There is something about the summer that just oozes friends, bbques, beach, fun at the local lake, and...flip flops!
What is exciting about this new awakening is the sense that I can feel again. I can feel the beauty of each season. In fact, I would say that I have a heightened awareness of how precious and lovely life really is. I want to enjoy every moment, breath deeply and feel everything.

It is time to close this blog post. I must open the windows and feel the breeze flowing through the house.

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runninggal said...

Oh I'd love to see almond trees and peach trees in bloom! It's 45 degrees today. It's so not spring here in Central oregon!!

So, where is a good place to go to see these almond trees? My husband is into photography and I know he'd love to go do a photo shoot of something like that!

And peaches too!!