Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day at the Park

Well...a day at a big kids park! Thanks to Uncle Rick and Aunt Marla (dear friends) we were able to enjoy a day at the local Six Flags. In all honesty, I was not looking forward to spending a day during spring break at a local amusement park. But, the crowds were not bad and the roller coasters cleared my sinus' quite well! And, all those loop-to-loops and corkscrews were amazing when seeing a cloudless blue sky. The beautiful weather made the day all the more sweet.
Uncle Rick was Eric's best friend. Eric, Rick and I spent many an adventure together. He moved his family out here to help us with the pool business and in general, be a "bad" influence for my kids....big smile spreading across my face! We actually call him our Christian Jim Carrey...he and his wife are both incredibly funny. Here are the kids surrounding Rick. Boo was not able to go with us due to a nasty cold that has been working its way through our family.
Brown Sugar and little A riding a flying elephant. You know you are dealing with girls when they go around trying to find the "cute" elephant to ride in and then give it a big hug before climbing in.

My dad had a better lense on his camera so I have stolen most of his pictures. Loved this one. Those dolphins can fly!

Lil' Cowboy is in there somewhere...all the kids had a great time. Brown Sugar and Lil' Cowboy were able to go on a few. The rest of us went on the rest. I personally like the bigger roller coasters. The bigger the better....not into carnival rides. In fact, I conquered Medusa which is the biggest and baddest coaster in the park. It was an incredible thrill.
My oldest son with his new aviator shades. Very appropriate since he has officially joined the Air Force. He will be off to boot camp in San Antonio in August, Lord willing.
My dad captured these photos of Brown Sugar and I but I liked them both...
so, I posted both of them!

Now, isn't that an amazing picture?
My sweet Miss M
The Killer Whale show...Brown Sugar and Lil' Cowboy had never seen anything like this.
My parents came down from Oregon for Easter and to spend some time with us and our church family. They were able to come with us to the park and enjoy being with their grandkids.
It really was a great day. Hope you are enjoying your Spring!


CristyLynn said...

What great pictures! You look beautiful and relaxed in your pics with Brown Sugar.
I love roller coasters! The bigger the better! If you'll be in Ohio on your grand adventure, maybe you could include Cedar Point on your trip, it's and amazing park with the BEST coasters!
Congrats to Goose, too!

godlover said...

Wow, Heather, what an awesome day you had yesterday. And the weather was just about perfect for you. Loved the pics of that beautiful blue sky. Congratulations to Goose for joining the military. Give him a thank you from me please. Looks like poor Boo really missed out. Colds are just so awful. Hope she's back to normal soon. Thinking of you and continuing to pray for you and your family. This upcoming trip will be enjoyed and remembered by all the kids when they are old and gray. Take care.
God bless

Nan said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my pictures on my last blog post! :^) You are so kind!

Susiebeth1 said...

Hi ~
Six years ago my oldest son left in August to go to Boot-camp in SA, Texas. :)
It was hot.....and it was HOT!!!! He ended up with strep & the flu....but somehow finished strong! :) He was soooo scared the first 48 hours he couln't eat...just throw-up! Ha! Fortunatly, my son had the wisdom not to tell me I all of this until it was over. :)
If you (or Goose) have any questions please feel free to email me! :)
Blessings ~

Katviper said...

My son just signed up for the Air Force too. He leaves August 4th. Very proud but scared at the same time. Best of luck to both of them.

SarahF said...

Wonderful to see you all having such fun! I'd love to go to a 6 flags one day...

You must be very proud of Goose! I'm sure you'll miss him lots though.

Sarah Fiodorova.

Simply Tiffany said...

Oh, I love the pictures of you and Brown Sugar! So glad you decided to post both of them! :)

We're looking forward to Nathan's visit and are glad we'll get some time with him before he leaves. See y'all soon! :)

Nan said...

These pictures are so great. What kind of camera does your Dad have? (Camera girl needs to know these things!) ;^P

Amanda said...

That looks like a wonderful day. Your son will love San Antonio, so beautiful and so much history. They will teach them to pour water on their shoes to help keep from overheating. My husband loved his time there. Of course he wasn't in basic, but another school.