Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Day in the Forest

We are so blessed! We live in a valley that is incredibly close to Yosemite National Park. We try to make it up to the park at least twice if not three times a year. Since my parents are down here visiting we thought it would be fun to take the day and spend it gawking at God's creation.
The picture above is of the bottom of Yosemite Falls...normally you can stand down here without getting wet but due to the spring run-off getting drenched is a part of the fun.

The first stop when entering the valley is a Davis tradition. We all pile out of the car in Chinese fire drill fashion right after driving through this rock. A picture is oh-so appropriate!

The Merced river is flowing fast and furious.

Yes...there are still bears in the valley. They have a few every year that they have to ship back up to the high country.

O-kay...so, in order to save gas and our legs we took the bus around the valley. The problem? We got on the wrong bus...an hour later we finally made it to our destination.

Half Dome

Brown Sugar!

My family in front of Yosemite Falls

The girls...my mom, my girls, and me!

The boys

My favorite waterfall in the valley is Vernal Falls but it is quite a ways off the beaten path. Second to Vernal would be Bridal Veil Falls. This gorgeous stream of water is one of the first you see when entering the valley.
During this time of the year there is water falling off many of the granite walls that surround the valley. If you ever have the chance to make it to California you must, must take a trip up to this magnificent park.

This was the first visit we have made to Yosemite since Eric's death. It was another step (actually the last) but so different than most of the steps taken this past year (almost year and a half!). As I was walking up the path to Yosemite Falls I was in awe of God's great blessing in healing Eric's body. Eric no longer knows pain or deals with breathing issues.

The only tears that poured down my face yesterday were tears of gratitude for all the Lord has done for me. When you stand in front of His creation you can't help but fall in adoration in front of the One True Living God. My heart is so full of joy as I reflect on all that He has worked in and through me. I am a different person than a year ago....thanks be to God!


E.T.'s Mom said...

Thanks for the glimpses of beauty in your distant part of the country.

godlover said...

Praise God! You are such an inspiration to me and encouragement on top of that. I hope someday to meet you. It may be in the life to come but I'm sure God is going to put us together for a real good hug one of these days. The Lord so saturates you're life that I stand in awe of your spirituality. Our heavenly Father is using you in so many lives. I thank God for you and your kids. I feel like you're family. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and all the others who check your blog. You are indeed a blessing to many. And you bring so much glory to God!! God bless you!

The Wintons said...

I had no idea you were close to Yosemite; this might call for an extra day in your area in June! Believe it or not, we've never taken our kids there, and I haven't been since I was eight years old! Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing your photos and your heart.

Anonymous said...

The only time we've seen Yosemite is in September...no falls :( But then again, there are no crowds to battle either :) Such a beautiful place even when dry--can't imagine John Muir coming upon it the first time!

Rebecca J said...

Looks like a lovely time Heather.


Nan said...

We hiked (part of) bridal veil falls on our honeymoon... Funny story involved there. LOL I had a fever and it was about 95° out that day.

Your spirit, grace and attitude of thanks to God are an inspiration to me.