Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We left beautiful TN to visit some long time friends that we met when they lived in California. In 2000, we were able to spend almost a month with them visiting the Atlanta area. A few of their kids and my friend, Kathy, came out to visit us after Eric died. This is a sweet friendship that we truly cherish. And, when we get together it is almost like we were never a part.
Kathy and I took the little ones out to the park for them to be able to play and for us to be able to talk. There were these statues that just called for a picture. But, even more fun was the big tree that the statues were under.

Goose was regurgitating some famous movie lines...I am almost positive of this! And, the result is always laughter.
I was not happy at all with the way the photos turned out...too yellow. Fluorescent lighting does that. Anyway, it was too cute of a picture to leave out. The girls were having quite a lot of fun so I just used Photoshop to create a new effect.
Wow! Do I look tired. We were starting week three of our trip. This is physically harder than I thought it would be.
Brown Sugar and Kathy's mom at the piano singing away. It was really too cute seeing them together singing Mother Goose songs.
The girls!
The little guys!
The whole gang!
The whole gang saying good-bye. How long do you think it takes the kids and I to leave a friend's home? Longer than it should!
But really, we enjoy our time with each family. I wish that we had more time to spend with each person. I like the idea of visiting different regions rather than take on the whole of the U.S!
More to come!


dkt said...

I miss the south!! Would you eat at a chic-fil-a for me?? :-)

Your pictures are beautiful. If you want to avoid the yellow, check your settings/menu for something called "white balance" You should be able to change it to match your lighting. Most digital cameras (even point and shoot) have a setting for Fluorescent and tungsteen lights. Usually white balance stays on auto, but often auto needs tweeking. :-)

Have fun!

a faithful, but usually non commenting lurker, :-)

anika said...

Regional visiting seems like a great concept! What a nice idea! The whole of the united states, well, that is a daunting task sister! wow! praying for you continued safety and utter joy in this adventure!

ElderClan said...


Also a faithful lurker. Have prayed for you regularly over the last year or so. I wish I would have asked to see if Georgia was on your itinerary before - we are in Atlanta and I would have LOVED to have you over and meet you and your family. If you are still around or coming back through I would love to offer you some hospitality.


Nan said...

Thanks for catching us up on all the details! Lovely pics!

Godspeed as you go home! :^D