Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North Carolina

Well, this picture is a little out of order but it does remind me of one great character trait of Southerners....hospitality. Now I know that it is never a good idea to generalize but this particular family has enjoyed the generous hospitality of many Southerners over the past couple of weeks. While we were saying good-bye to our friends in North Carolina they gave us a bag with not one but two containers of homemade salsa. Then they added a brand new bag of chips. It came in handy when we were stuck in a grocery store parking lot due to a dead battery.
The Hitchcock family are long time friends. It was so fun to see them again...all of them. Mike took time to take a few kids out on his Harley. Brown Sugar was sitting pretty!
Lil' Cowboy enjoying his moment on the bike.
But, it was Daisy who was in heaven. She loves bikes and enjoyed every moment of her ride around town.
Now, in most areas of California you might as well forget lighting a sparkler unless it is the Fourth of July. Not so in NC!
We watched a bit of TV with them all...Brown Sugar was very comfortable in the new surroundings. And, she fell in love with their dogs...a new one for her.
I just realized that ADT is getting free ad time here on my blog! Wish I had seen the sign before I took the picture.
Sooooo....while at Whole Foods (such a great place to get stuck!0 the van decided to not start. No worries though...I had my trusty AAA card and within twenty minutes we had a new battery installed and we were on the road again. So far, we have only had two mishaps. The first was blowing a tire after hitting something on the TN road. Thankfully Goose was back traveling with us so it wasn't a bunch of girls trying to change a tire so late at night.
We have been blessed with very safe travels...thank you for your prayers.

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