Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lexington, Virginia

One of the greatest moments in traveling is when you find a gem of a road or a forgotten historic site. As we were headed to Lexington, VA we saw this sign. How could we resist? We decided to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was as beautiful as we expected.
One of the many historic roadways going through Lexington that Stonewall Jackson walked every morning on his way to work at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI).
A little bragging gonna happen right about now! Miss M asked to use my camera and this is the picture she took. What an eye!
Then she took a very unlikely picture of me.
This is a part of the Washington and Lee University. This type of Greek architecture is so common in the Virginia area.
Virginia Military Institue where Lee and Stonewall both taught.
On a previous post about the Civil War Re-enacting that my children are a part of I mentioned the four cannons that were named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Stonewall Jackson said that he hoped that they would "spread the Gospel wherever they may encounter the enemy".
This is the Stonewall Jackson Chapel...beautiful.
The museum at VMI was impressive and nicely air conditioned!
The first Commander and Chief of these United States.
N.O.N. Historical Marker...nothing significant happened at this spot on this date. Too funny!
The gardens of Stonewall Jackson's home.
Stonewall Jackson's gravesite.
The Presbyterian Church that Stonewall Jackson attended. This is the church that he started a black children's sunday school where he wouldn't have dared to break the law and teach them how to read...BUT, if they just happened to pick up the art of reading while at the Sunday school than there was nothing he could do about that! He also gave each child a Bible when they graduated.
If you were traveling with us you would have to deal with sudden stops and crazy u-turns. This is the James River which we now know is a significant part of Revolutionary and Civil War history.
If you ever get a chance to drive to Lexington it is well worth the time. The country side surrounding this tiny Virginia town is beautiful and green. I love, love the color green. We just don't get enough of this color in California. My friends try to convince me that them there hills are golden in the summer...they are just plain ole' brown. Nothing golden about them. We get about four months out of the year of green. But, then again, we do not have stiffling humidity making the summer heat almost unbearable.
There are pros and cons wherever you visit or live on this amazing planet. But, when you travel far from home and are away from home this long you can truly appreciate the quote "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home".


rmslil said...

I live on one of the farthest points of the James River before it goes out to the ocean. It is amazing how long that river is and the history on that river.

I do not remember how I came across your blog but I have been a faithful reader for a long time. Everytime I see Brown Sugar and Lil Cowboy in a picture , I just want to hug them through the computer. I have such a heart for adopted children. My nephew is adopted as a local adoption. These kids could have been placed in any home but God chose our families and that makes them a blessing to us. In our family people will say to us, your nephew is blessed to have you and I respond," no, we are blessed to have him". Adoption is awesome.

I hope and pray that you have safe travels and a great time on your trip. What an unbelievable opportunity and memory with your children.

Genealogy Joanie said...

Heather, we visited VMI many years ago when our youngest two were small. The most memorable aspect of our visit was the museum. When I stood in front of those small uniforms and read the letters those kids wrote home to their parents before they (the boys) died in "the field of lost shoes", I cried. What a sad war. Another thing that I recall is the warm acceptance our two little "brown babies" received from those dear hospitable people in the deep south. Not what we had expected.

Nan said...

Down the road from VMI there is a German restaurant called Edelweiss and it is the best German food I've ever had. I still remember how wonderful it was over 15 years later! Several years after going there I learned that a church friend (in Texas) used to practically live at the place as a little girl! (I think I'm remembering her story correctly.... it's been a long time.)