Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Appomattox, Virginia

We couldn't have planned our trip to Williamsburg on a better day! We were traveling toward this coastal area on Memorial day while everyone was traveling back to their homes. But, before we enjoyed one historical area we decided that we just had to visit Appomattox, VA. This, of course, was a very important town during the Civil War. Actually, it was called Appomattox Court House. This is what they would call the county seat. Above is a statue of Robert E. Lee. We came upon a Memorial Day celebration in front of the new Courthouse.
Just a cool sign on the side of the old railroad station. The same station that changed the direction of the war between the states. It was this station that the Yankees captured before Robert E. Lee could get the much needed supplies for his troops.

Walking into old Appomatox where the McLean home is located. There is some great history surrounding this man. It is said that the American Civil War began in the front yard of Wilmur McLean's front yard and ended in his parlor.
He owned land in Manassas where two major battles were fought. It was his parlor that General Lee surendured to General Grant ending the Civil War.
Just a beautiful house in the beautiful state of Virginia.
The original Court House.

The dining room of the McLean home. The National Park System has done a great job recreating what it might have looked like. None of the furniture is original mainly because most southerners lost much of what they owned.

This is the front of the McLean home. McLean had moved his family up north to escape the horrors of war. This really is another wonderful place to see a great historical place that is not overly populated with tourists.


Mountain Mama said...

Hi Heather!
It has been awhile since I have checked in on you. Wow! on the road again. You are amazing. Looks like you are "seeing it all". Makes me think we should do a trip like that.

I just recieved an invitation to the tea party you are hosting in CO. I really wish I could make it. There is still a small chance but most likely not. I know it would be a "sweet" time of fellowship and encouragement. (I think my sister, Debbie, will be there. She can tell me all about it.)

Anyways, just know that if you need a resting place, on your way home, our doors are open.


anika said...

Looking in on your adventure from mine... simply wonderful, the pictures, the memories you all are making, are precious blessings...
you are leaving them a legacy...
don't ever doubt it :)

just a thought from one adventurer to another..

I love stopping in on your road trips :) I am always... well on the road... ha ha

<>< anika

rmslil said...

Kind of neat that you were right around the corner from me in Williamsburg. I am there all the time to go to Busch Gardens. Next time you are in the area you should visit the Yorktown Battlefields right down the parkway from Williamsburg. My grandparents property backs up to the battlefields.