Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Summer Fun

Is it already July? Quite hard to believe but the calendar says so and so I must believe that time has carried on quicker than I think it should. The past three months have been some what of a blur for me. Literally it has been one place after another to travel to. I flew from Colorado back to my home state of California and within two days I was on the road again. This time I packed a lighter bag, grabbed a book, and headed out the door with three wonderful friends. We headed over to the Santa Rosa area where Kendra was speaking at a home school conference (want to know what she speaks about? Look here!). The rest of us were lurking as groupies for the weekend but also had a bit of girl fun on the side. The above picture is our newly painted toes! My foot is the dark one.
I don't think I have ever experienced a weekend like this. We got our ears pierced, our make-up done, and did a tad bit of shopping. We ate great food and even went to go see a girlie movie. We stayed up late talking and sat in the hot tub laughing and just having a great time.
On our way to dinner we saw this banner....too cute!
All in all, it was a great couple of days to get away and relax. I love to sit by the pool with a good book and do much of nothing. It rarely happens and so when it finally does I find that I enjoy it all the more.
We came home and a day later our guests arrived bringing Miss M with them. I had left Miss M back in Colorado so that she could drive home with Eric's niece and nephew and their three little girls. Troy, Erin and their sweeties spent the past ten days with us....we enjoyed every minute!

Most of our time was spent playing in the pool and relaxing but there was a major holiday that we were able to celebrate together.

On July 3rd, for the past five years, my neighbor and I have put on a block party. We close off the street to allow the kids to enjoy riding their bikes all over the place without the worry of getting run over. We have face painting (or arm painting as is shown above), a bunch of games, water games, a bike parade, and of course, fireworks.
This year we had a record number of neighbors come out to the front and join us in celebrating our Country's birthday.
We also tried something new that ended up being a hit. We decided to sell hamburgers and hot dogs to help cover the costs that our families have incurred over the past several years. We made enough to pay for all supplies and a bit more for the next block party that we have in October.

Hey Darlin'!
This is what many of the bikes look like when decorated by some very talented kiddos.
Here is a look at a part of the gang. Love the float for this year...we hope it inspires others to come up with other creative ideas.
We have water balloon fights and then we have what we call "The Water Works". It is a PVC pipe frame with holes in it to allow for water to squirt in all directions. Brown Sugar is riding her bike through the frame right before it decided to fall....
...on her. She was not hurt but just a bit scared. Thankfully there were very capable arms to sweep her off her feet and give her a snuggle. All is well!

After dinner and the parade we all walked down to the other end of the street and watched hours of fireworks while slurpin' up some great drinks and eating freshly popped popcorn.
Here is that adorable family that stayed with us over the past ten days. Troy is happily married to Erin and they are the proud parents to these truly delightful young ladies.
Silly faces! Daisy and Peter (the guy who is courting Boo) showing their enthusiasm for the fireworks display.
It is kind of fun celebrating our Independence from England on the 3rd and the 4th. The 3rd is always with our neighbors. Michelle (my next door neighbor) and I have always felt like this is one way that we can create that community feeling among those who live in the houses that surround ours. But, more importantly, it is a way for us to share our lives with those who do not know Christ. We always hope and look for the chance to share our faith. This neighborhood knows all about Eric's death...they were an amazing support during those first few months. I pray now that they can see that the only reason why I am at peace is because I serve an awesome God. He gives real freedom!


Nan said...

Oh goodness... can you guess which my favorite picture is?! ((sigh))

What a blast this looks like. We did have a great block party this year in our neighborhood a few weeks ago... but I so miss Fourth of July.

kristin said...

Hey Heather,
I really like your hair style in the only picture of you. It's a great look for you!
I think this summer has gone by fast too! We both need to slow down and enjoy it before it's gone altogether!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh fun! I LOVE the girl getaway! I love how your ideals are followed through by actions in your life ~ such as creating community among neighbors.

godlover said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. I don't know where you get all your energy! I get exhausted just trying to keep up with all your happenings!! But then, I'm a little older than you are. (Ha! Did I say little???) You are an inspiration by the way you take life by the horns and take a run for it. God bless you, Heather! Your family and friends and neighbors too.

Melissa said...

Loved the update and ideas! Any chance you can expand on the "courting" (specifics as to what it entails for your family) in a future post?