Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Independence Day and the City

We started out our Independence day attending a going away party for Peter. He headed off to Coast Guard boot camp two days later. Who's Peter? He is the guy who is courting Boo. I did have a question about my views on courting in the comment section of my last post which I will elaborate on in a future post. We pray that Peter is doing well...there is no contact with him for the first five weeks.
The above flower is my favorite. This Hydrangea bush was located in Peter's Grandmother's backyard. I just could not resist taking a picture of these beauties.
A goofy picture of Phil and I. Phil is a great friend from our church.
Boo and Peter...sweet pic! We have known Peter since he was a little guy. It has been fun getting reaquainted with his family.
After we spent some time at the going away party we went over to the Fletcher household where there was a lot of good food, Bocce ball, swimming, and other great activities. Here is Phil catching some air as he jumps into the pool while trying to catch the ball.
Oh...I forgot to mention we were among close friends. Now that is the way to spend a holiday.
And, those close friends have a lot of adorable kiddos. This little one is signing thank you. Awh...too cute!
This is Mighty Joe Fletcher and his big brother. Last Independence day this little guy was fighting for his life down at Children's Hospital in Madera.
Little Miss Acrobat! She just flew off that diving board with the most beautiful form.
Friends...Miss Daisy, Miss K, and Miss M!
A few days later we decided to go to the city...San Fransisco, that is. As I have stated in previous posts, I have this little tour of the city that I have put together. I highlight the good stuff and leave out the nasty. This picture kind of gives you an idea of the up and down streets that San Fran is so famous for. At the very top of the photo you can kind of see the most famous street in San Fran...this is Lombard which has a unique windy section that is a great photo op!

So, I have never driven down this part of Lombard in our fifteen passenger van...actually, i have never driven in San Fran with the van! The kids walked down it.
Well, we did get to see the bridge...somewhat of a miracle in the summer months. Usually it is foggy and cold in the city during the summer. It was cold but the fog lifted for a few hours for us to enjoy the bridge's beauty.
Our annual family picture. Goose was away at Christian Boy's Brigade camp. He was a Junior Counselor this year. We missed him but we were very excited for him. Boo is on the phone with Peter...so, in essence, Peter was kind of in the picture...or at least that is what Boo would like you to think!
Troy, Erin, and their three girls were the reason we visited the city. They are from Colorado and yet still managed to "bump" into someone they knew while walking out to the middle section of the bridge.
Doesn't it look cold? It was about 50 some-odd-degrees. I think I have shared this quote with you before - "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Fransisco". Mark Twain said that. There is some truth to this. Fog is incredibly bone chilling. Almost colder than snow.
This is the size of the cables that adorn the Golden Gate Bridge. The color on this model of the cable is the actual color of the bridge. Kind of reddish in color.
Loved this picture! The kids were such troopers! Miss M actually asked to sit smack dab in the middle of all these little ones. What a brave soul!
This trip blog post represents the many reasons why I have not been posting regularly. We are just incredibly busy!
Hope you are having as much fun this summer as our family is having!


Nan said...

I don't think Mark Twain ever came to Alberta in February! HA!!

Love the pictures. That one of Phil flying off the water slide is awesome.

And Brown Sugar needs to be in diving lessons... I think I see some olympic potential there. Seriously impressive.

What a fun time you had...

Those pictures of mighty Joe... Wow! He is getting so big! I remember reading about him being sick on the WTM boards (back when I was a regular there.) Time sure flies!

Nan said...

Okay, obviously he wasn't flying off the water slide... jumping near it?! LOL Sheesh, I sound like an idiot.