Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wedding!!! Part Two

I just received the photos from Rachelle Heppner Photography so I thought I would share with you the ones that were taken before the ceremony. The sign above was given to us as a wedding present from Tonya at Fruitful Vine Creations. An even better gift was given to me by this dear friend...she along with her whole family came out for our wedding. They traveled from Colorado Springs! We love this family dearly!

Lis and Kenj gave me a bridal shower a few weeks before the big day. They had everyone write a special message to me onto keepsake cards. I brought them to the wedding and Lisa read them to me. Quite a few of them got me laughing...not a hard thing to do!

And, then there are the special ones that deserved a hug!

Our bouquet.
Phil added two rings to the main ring that he gave me. In case you have forgotten, the middle ring was his grandmothers. It is a beautiful, classic, retro ring but needed some extra bulk on the bottom to protect the band. So, Phil added a row of diamonds on either side of the ring.
It turned out beautiful.

Who would believe that this little girl who is walking out of her boots would look like a princess a few moments later!

Final touches

Goofy Daisy getting her hair done...wasn't sure if she was going to let anyone touch it!

Phil's first thought when he saw this one was "you look like you are in your twenties"...I'll take that as a compliment!

We had 320 guests there to witness us exchange our vows. As far as I know, the program with the family's name on it and table number really worked out well.

Thank you girls for not only standing up with me but praying for me as well.

Let me introduce you to Brooke. This is Eric's older sister. After Eric died our relationship took on a new color, if you will. We will always be sisters as far as I am concerned! This past two years she has sent a box of goodies for us all every month. She has made quilts upon quilts for all of us and has generously supported me and the children as we worked through our grief.
She flew out from Nebraska for our wedding and was the "go-to" gal for setting up the wedding.
After I get done posting the wedding photos I have a special blog that I have planned on helping those through grief...Brooke will be a huge part of that post.
I am incredibly thankful for her love and friendship.

We really wanted to pray together before the ceremony but didn't want to see each other. So, Rachelle came up with this idea on being on either side of the door and holding hands while praying. Of course, Phil got me laughing!

And, this...this, is my favorite photo from the wedding! This man is an incredible gift to me and my children. I hope I never forget how grateful I feel at this moment in this picture. He loves me so much and I love him back...thank you Lord!


Smidge said...

Fun photos! Love the ones of us reading the cards. When/where did you do the one in the orchard? Great photos, Rachelle!

Mrs. Dole said...

Oh Heather!
The joy is so evident in your pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. Beauty for Ashes is playing as I type wonderfully appropriate!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how "close" to my heart you and your story were to my heart until I opened up this post and my daughter asked me who you were. I told her about how I had followed your blog since being asked to pray for you when Eric died (don't remember who/what blog led me). I got tears as I told her at the same time looking at these pictures. The capping moment is the bottom picture of you and Phil. You are GORGEOUS and this moment captures the fullness of what God has done in the last two years. I'm so grateful He allowed me a (very backrow!) seat. Thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with what Jana said...I feel the same as she does, and my family knows about you and this journey you have been on and the faithfiulness of the Lord in all of our lives and specifically yours...there have been many dinner conversations about you these past two years.

May the Lord continue to bless you and use you for His glory Olsson/Davis family!

In Christ,

CristyLynn said...

Heather, all I can say is "beautiful" in so many ways!
Love from the Slawsons!

The Herd said...

Loving the beautiful journey you have been on. I love this last photo can see your gratefulness!
Karen in Russia

Lazy D Ranch said...

I personally want to thank Kelly Stevens who alerted me to the foul, crass comment that was left on my blog over the weekend.
I am sorry if you came across the comment before I could delete it.
I now will be receiving and reading all comments before they are published.

motherofblessings said...

I am sorry someone hurt you that way. We have been reading for a few years now. It is so good to know you are happy. May the Lord continue to bless you.

Vikki said...

So sorry about the bad comment that was left. :( LOVE LOVE LOVE the wedding pictures! Thank you so much for allowing us, your blog readers, to join you in this journey! :)

Rebecca said...

Love the pictures! Wish I could have been there to see it all in person, but pictures are the next best thing =)

Martha A. said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding! God has blessed you!!

NYLass said...

That has got to be the sweetest, most beautiful picture I have ever seen (the one of you and Phil on either side of the door). Thank God for men who love their wives and wives who can bask in that sweetness!! :o) Thank God that Jesus loves us like your smiling Phil!!
I am so grateful that you share these things for truly what they sir can only come from or bring you to God!

blessings and peace to you,

Sherry said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey and joy! Two years ago I recieved a prayer request for your family in your time of tragedy and have read and prayed with you the past two years. As I read about the wedding and looked at the pictures I shed some tears in thanksgiving for all of you. Although we may never meet in this life I look forward to meeting you one day in our true Home!

Sherry in PA