Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wedding!!!!! Part One

Here you go! The first of a series of wedding photos. These were taken by our good friend, Jeff Bradshaw who was one of our wedding photographers. *All photos are under copyright*
The facility that we used for the wedding was a local University dining hall.
I loved the interior as it reminded me of my years of growing up in Bend, Oregon.
We decided to have everyone sit at tables for the wedding as well which led to a more elegant atmosphere.

Underneath the O is the University symbol. The art department made this for us. This is above the fireplace mantle.

Joe and his friend Chris, are practicing their ring-bearing skills. I have given Chris boyfriend status since he is ever so diligent in showing his affection toward me. I mean, really, a girl can have a boyfriend and a husband right? ;)
The boys carried the ring boxes in the baseball gloves which were significant since Phil is an Oakland A's fan.

I was thankful to have my parents travel from Oregon to be at the wedding and especially thankful to have my Dad be able to walk me down the aisle.

The outside of the beautiful facility that we chose to be married at.

Well, the beautiful facility did have one was hard to find. So, we had to have signs made that would direct people to the right building. It also didn't help that it had been raining the few days before the wedding and was expected to rain on the day of the wedding.
We were prepared with guys holding umbrellas to walk our guests to the building.

The groom busy putting signs out for our guests.

Along the path we came up with the idea of creating unique, comical signs to entertain our guests as they walked.

Phil and Heather sitting in a tree...W-E-D-D-I-N-G!

Come watch as Heather rescue Phil from bachelorhood

Because we had assigned seating, we needed some way to help people find their seats. My bridesmaids helped me make these programs. On the front was the name of the family and the table they were assigned to. The inside had the program along with thank yous and the lyrics to the song we would be singing during the ceremony.

We did not see each other dressed in our wedding garb before the ceremony. So, pictures taken before the wedding were done separately. I love this picture. It is of Pastor McIllhenney with Phil. Pastor Mac and Phil have a very special relationship....kind of like a spiritual dad.
Interesting fact...Phil attended the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) mission work in the Bay Area where Pastor Mac taught (he was also the Pastor at the San Fransisco OPC as well).
About the same time, Eric and I were attending an OPC out in the Central Valley. I met Dr. Mac and his lovely wife, Donna, a few times and had wonderful conversations with Donna at a woman's retreat. On the day of our wedding, she realized that she did remember me.
We are both very thankful that Dr. Mac was able to give us the charge at our wedding.

Love this one!

This one too!

Isn't it about time?
From left to right: Mike, Zach, Nate, Dave, Phil, Steve, and Erik.

The Mob Squad...these are scary dudes!

My sweet Miss M with me.

My lovely daughter and Maid of Honor, Rebecca. Who would have thought that I would beat her to the alter by five months. Crazy!

My two closest friends...the girls who shared many a tear, smile, and laugh. As I joked about being a forty something bride they joked about being too old to be bridesmaids. I love them both for all that they have done for me and the friendship that has developed over the years.

Me and my adorable Daisy...such personality!

This was such a cute picture. I am talking but I loved the expression on Brown Sugar's face and how her foot is twisted. She is just so doggone photogenic!


I love this pic. This is what we all wore walking down the aisle. The advantage of having floor length dresses is that you can get away with whatever is comfortable on the feet.
Daisy preferred her converse (go figure!). Miss M is in her comfy heals that she uses for debate. Rebecca is barefoot. I have the red nails. Lis' has slippers on (love the tatoo as well!). And, Kenj was in her favorite clog type shoes.
All the flowers were created by my dear friend and next door neighbor, Michelle. She has such a creative eye. I could not have been happier. We bought all the flowers from a wholesaler and she took the time to make the bouquets and coursages.

Valerie, another dear friend, played a very important part in my wedding. She was my wedding coordinator. We have a wonderful history showing the hand of God throughout.
I love her dearly even though I do not get to see her often.

About an hour before the wedding the rain stopped and I just had to get some pictures outside with the umbrellas that we bought for our guests. Rebecca and Daisy started goofing off and of course, my photographer was able to get a great picture. By the way, Jeff, who took these photos is the father of the man who will be marrying Rebecca in May.

Love this photo. The dresses are actually brown...really.

My husband and his friends all love singing the Psalms. Zach obliged by playing for them. And, one of our young friends who helped usher was readily avaiable to help sing.

Foley with his cousins...well, almost his cousins.

I am a musician. Music is very important to me. Thus, the music had to be as wonderful and boy, was I blessed! Both Karen (at the piano) and Brook (at the violin) are graduates of the UOP music conservatory. Karen is another dear friend (her husband was Phil's Best Man). Brook is an amazing teacher and Kate (standing next to him) is one of his students. Another side, Kate (at the violin) and Chris (one of my ring beareres) are the children of Lisa's. This was definitely a family affair!
Back to the music....I couldn't have asked for better musicians. This trio played for the prelude, the Bridal entry, and the congregational singing. Such beautiful music our guests were able to enjoy!

The table settings. The colors were black, ivory, brown, and sage green.

Pastor Walker officiated the wedding for Phil and me. I was blessed to have Steve marry us. He has been an incredible friend and pastor over the past two years. He was a good friend of Eric's and presided over Eric's memorial. Before that he baptized our two littlest children.
Now, he has married us; the first couple to get married in our young church.
My girls talk about how they hope he will be able to marry them and baptize their children as well. Isn't that a lovely thought?
Okay, so there is the first of three glimpses into our wedding day. I also have photos from my other photographer to share. Oooooohhhhh....this is so much fun!


Erin said...

Love them! Thanks for sharing! We have to catch up - expect a phone call sometime soon! :)

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heather said...

I LOVED looking at these pictures....what a great day! Thanks for letting us share your joy!

Carmon Friedrich said...

Heather, I am so happy for you. You look beautiful in your happiness. God has blessed you! I love the last bit about the heritage you want to pass on to your children, to be married in the same church by the same pastor. That heritage is a lovely gift...I want the same for my children, too.


Skye said...

Absolutely beautiful! :)


Jeannie said...

Heather, what a beautiful wedding.
A wonderful memory. Beautiful pictures. I especially love Lisa's tatoo:)
Love to you,

E.T.'s Mom said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

runninggal said...

WOW. So lovely. I have never met you but I felt like I should be there. I have read your journey for 2 years now and wanted to celebrate with you. Just know, I thought of you often in December on on your big day and first weeks of marriage!

Anna said...

Beautiful, beautiful wedding! I love brown for a wedding color - used it myself!

I am so happy for you and your family. God is good!

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting more photos!

Sheri said...

Classy, beautiful, lovely!!! Congratulations again Heather!!!

dkt said...

so pretty!

I've followed your blog for a while and love it, but don't comment a lot!

But I did want to tell you...

I guess reformed circles are pretty small, but my husband and I went to Covenant College with Ryan McIllhenney. My husband, Eric was pretty good friends with him. We always admired and repected his dad's strong stance in SF, even amidst persecution.

Blessings to you and your precious family! :-)