Thursday, June 24, 2010


Twenty-three years ago today I drove to Reno and met up with Eric.
We eloped at a small cinder blocked chapel that was overshadowed by the massive
Circus, Circus casino.
It was a strange way to start out a marriage but all the same it ended up being a very successful one.
It probably didn't look all too successful from the world's perspective...
no amazing house
no incredible income
no fancy car
no exotic vacations
no private schools attended
no college educations to brag about

Eric was a simple man. He liked things a certain way and worked hard to accomplish his goals.
We had quite a few rocky years as we both learned the roles of wife and husband...
but, boy did we grow up together.
Our last ten years was a testament to God's great mercy in our lives.
I was blessed to have been given such a wonderful man to help me in my sanctification.

God, in His infinite wisdom chose that we would only have twenty-one years together. But, I have twenty-three years of looking back and seeing what God has done in my life. Twenty-three years of love, heartache, happiness, sorrow, joy, and grief.

Thank you God for giving me Eric and I thank You all the more for changing me and making me more like You.


Mountain Mama said...

Hi Heather!
It has been awhile since I checked in on you. Fun to catch up on what God is doing in you, your family and life.

Yay! Congrats on new baby. I am so excited for you!!


Red said... this is totally off subject. But when ya going to change Peter's and my picture and post some pictures of our wedding on your blog? :) It was nice having you up here. Love ya!