Monday, July 12, 2010


"I've never been so happy to be so sick!"

"Sicker than a dog, but having the time of my life"
(borrowed from Barney Fife)

"How are you feeling today?"
My answer? "I'm sick and feeling great!"

Yep, that is my mantra right now.
Happy to be pregnant but not so much enjoying the symptoms...yet, enjoying the symptoms because they are a reminder that my body is doing exactly what it is suppose to do!
And, the reason why I haven't been on my blog for quite a while.
I still am in the throws of nastiness but I thought I would take a moment to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about my blog...just temporarily unable to do much.
I have about one more month of the crud but I hope I can at least get a couple of blogs written in the meantime.

Next blog will be filled with pictures of Becca and Peter's wedding.


Jonathan Hunt said...

Here, have a paper bag. :-)))

Anonymous said...

Heather, WE have missed you! We are so happy for your new baby that God has blessed you with! I had #8 baby at 45! Doing all this as an OLDER lady is a little more difficult but I can tell you so much better!!!! I have held this baby like no other! I have felt so in love with his beauty and God's incredible GIFT! I am so happy that you will soon experience this as well. God Bless You! Mumofeight

six2love said...

Congratulations, Heather, on your marriage and your pregnancy! (I haven't read your blog in awhile, obviously). What a wonderful gift to bring another baby into your family and walk this path with your husband. May you be strengthened in body, spirit and relationship as go. Thank you for sharing your life.

anika said...


Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm surprised you didn't find a way to bring up the topic of your dead husband in this post.

Oh well, next time, right?

Lazy D Ranch said...

I posted the last anonymous comment because I want to address it. To you who posted this, you did give me food for thought in the previous comment you left (that I did not publish). But, I will tell you that you are incredibly wrong in your assessment.
My last post called 23 was all about others that are affected by Eric's death. To be honest, I didn't even realize that the day that would have been my anniversary with Eric was even upon us until a friend emailed that they were praying for me! But, I have children, parents, and Eric's family that have been grieving as well. People just don't forget someone that had such a big impact on their life so easily.
All that said, I am not "hung" up on my relationship with Eric. I love Phil dearly and his love for me helped me through some of the darkest grief I could have experienced earlier on this year. I am incredibly happy that things are moving forward but there will always be a crazy strangeness about this life that God has provided for me. And, I want to share all those emotions because there are many, many women who read this blog that are dealing with the same issues.
If you can't understand this then please, please find another blog to follow....find another person to bug!

Genealogy Joanie said...

I can certainly understand why that person chooses to remain anonymous. What a bitter, sarcastic spirit. Must be hard to live with herself/himself.
Good calm, measured response, Heather. I don't think I would have bothered.

Lesa said...

Hope you "crud" passes quickly! As my mom told me 30 years ago when I was pregnant - "Stay strong - this too shall pass!" I must have ate a hundred boxes of saltine crackers.

Great reply to your anonymous person. They obviously need a few prayers for healing of the spirit....

Take it easy and enjoy this blissful time of being sick!

Elisa said...

YAY!!!! congrats!!! :D I'm so happy for you! :)

Lydia Jane said...

So, so happy for you Heather!!! Congratulations to you both!

Jacqueline said...

No way! Hurray! Congratulations!!!!!!!
You are so blessed. God is so glorified through your life. Thank you, again, for sharing all He has done in, for and through you. It was so nice to see you Sunday. Truly.
Love you!

Tabitha said...

Hey Heather! I'm so excited for all of you & have been praying. Hope your pregnancy goes well....what an awesome year you've had! God is faithful.