Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New House/New Home

I thought that I would share a few photos of our new house that will hopefully soon feel like home. this is the front porch. The grass is in need of some TLC because the house has been vacant for quite a while. But, of course, that is an easy fix.

This is the entry way. It is a bit of overkill...I mean, really, they could have put a complete extra room in it! Thankfully, I have a beautiful quilt made by Eric's mom that will look wonderful on these tall walls.

There are many things about this home that we like...one of them is that the stairway is off of the hallway. It isn't a prominent part of the layout of the home. Although, I think the architect added a nice feature to the design with the arches at the top of the stairway.

This is the main hallway. Through that archway at the end of the hall is the front door. To the right of the front door is the formal living room. Then, that big sliding door (by Foley's head in the picture) goes out to a porch. Where everyone is standing is the formal dining room that we are going to turn into a library.

This is looking down on the formal dining room from the stairs. It will be full of built in bookshelves and loads of books. Oh, and that light fixture will be gone very soon!

The end of the hall opens up to a big great room with a beautiful kitchen. This is the fireplace in the great room.
We are also blessed with another fireplace in the master bedroom. This fireplace has a blower on it so it will easily heat up the great room/kitchen part of the downstairs.
Very happy to have the feature of a natural gas fireplace. Natural gas is cheap here in California and it keeps the valley air from getting to the unhealthy level during the winter. This valley is notorious for getting nasty air trapped in between the mountain ranges.
And, I sure am going to enjoy the lack of dust, dirt, and wood chips that seem to accumulate during those cold, winter months.

So, this is my favorite part of the house. I love to cook...LOVE to cook! And, for the first time in my adult life I actually have a kitchen that is easy to work in and that has ample amount of space. I even have a prep sink! I feel spoiled!

i sooooooo like the floors. They are a plank style brown pergo style floor. Carpet is throughout the bedrooms and in places like the formal dining/ and living room.
I have been looking at these pictures trying to decide where all of my kitchen gear and food will be stored. I think we will store most of the schoolbooks that we are using this year down here as well. We do most of our schoolwork from the table anyway.

This is another look at the front of the house. One of my favorite parts (besides the kitchen) is the fully landscaped yards with a timed sprinkler system. Yes! Finally! I have to say that after years of trying to convince myself that I am a gardener, I have given up and am willing to admit that it is not up on the top ten list of things that I like to do.
I actually like the idea of a small garden that is in planters and is easy to maintain. A bunch of fruit trees, an herb garden and a few tomato plants are exactly what I can handle. I will miss our chickens though...well, actually, I will miss the eggs they produce!

This house is quite the blessing. Much more than we really need and much more than we could actually afford if there was not the downturn in the economy.
We are hoping to be completely moved in by the middle of September.


wifeofcdh said...

what are you gonna do with the chickens

Here to Serve Him... said...

Love, love, love... It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much for sharing! :o)

Blessings to you and your family on this abundant blessing from the Lord! May you be happy, fulfilled and "at home" in your new abode!


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

It's gorgeous, Heather! I couldn't be happier for you guys, and I can't wait to see how you make this house truly yours.

Nan said...

So beautiful Heather! Can't wait to come and visit y'all when you are all moved in. :^)

Anonymous said...

So incredibly beautiful!!! Wow! The Lord has done so much in your life and due to your obedience to HIM! Praise God for the witness that you have been! God Bless You, mumofeight

Tracy M. said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!
Wishing you all many, many years of happiness there!

rharder said...

Beautiful. Congratulations! Those great floors show off (sound off?) the pitter-patter of little feet. Rob