Thursday, September 23, 2010

Again....sooooo busy!

I really hate to have so many days without posting.
But, right now there is no way around it.
I am now almost half way through my pregnancy and trying to move into and organize a new house.
I have a camera full of fun pictures from our family camp and a few give-aways to do shortly.
Please hang on and visit in the next week as I try to find the time to
share a bit of what is going on in our family.

Before I go I thought I would update you on the pregnancy.
All seems to be going well.
I am feeling much better yet am tired...always tired!
The little guy/gal that is growing inside of me is now about 5 inches in length and weighs about the same amount as a turnip (5oz).
We meet with our mid-wife on October 8th which will be officially my half way mark.
That is when we hope to hear the heartbeat of the baby.
So, there is the baby update.
I guess I just might have to share a picture of this growing belly at some point.
Maybe I should have my incredibly talented daughter, Miss M, take a photo of me...
Anyway, time for bed. I will write again soon.


Jonathan Hunt said...

You take your time. Whenever you can post, we, your loyal readers, will be waiting!

Family said...

i lost my husband 0f 19 years just 12 years ago just 3 months after bringing home our baby girl from Ethiopia...... a blog friend recommended i read your blog....

Anonymous said...

All in all, I should be thankful that I am a thinking person.
I need not be intimidated by those who are more educated than I am because ultimately medicine is a science giving much room for differences of opinions.

AMEN - I agree with you!

P.S. I love the music you choose for your blog.