Sunday, October 3, 2010

Twenty weeks

Baby Olsson is now about ten inches long from head to toe and weighs almost one pound.
He or she (we don't intend to find out until his or her birthday) is growing and moving which makes this momma happy.
Next Friday we will hopefully hear the heartbeat of this little one although at night when I lie on my side I can sometimes faintly feel the heartbeat. What a beautiful feeling.
I am now half way through this pregnancy and have needed to find comfort and joy in those little movements. I have never been "in love" with being pregnant.
I am one of those crazy gals that likes (not loves, mind you) the labor and delivery process rather than the nine months of pregnancy.
No complaining here though...I am so thankful that the Lord is giving me the opportunity to carry this little bundle!

Phil and I joke about the fact that in the past nine months of marriage I have been sick more often than not. After coming home from Hawaii I spent the next three months dealing with some kind of influenza. We believe it was a let down of my system. My body was able to finally relax and my immune system just finally gave in and succumbed to every virus that came along.
I did have a wonderful three months of healthiness where I was not dealing with a lack of energy or adverse symptoms. Yeah for those three months!
Then came three months of morning sickness. Wow! That took me by surprise. I had not dealt with that since I had been pregnant with Becca twenty-one years before.
So, I finally made it through those three yucky months (and thanked the Lord it wasn't longer) just to turn around and get sick again!
Yep, I am dealing with yet another virus or bacteria.
Low grade fever, very low energy levels, and a nasty deep cough.
I have heard that this can be common in the first year of marriage and then add to that the commonness of illness while pregnant and I think I am doomed to deal with a few of these.
But, when carrying a baby there is the added responsibility to take care on what medicines you digest and the questioning of when you need to seek medical help.
This has been my dilemma for this past week.
Do I head to the doctor/urgent care/hospital or do I just stick it out?
For so many this is just not an issue but for many reasons it is a big deal for us:
  1. We pay cash for any visits to the doctor. We have chosen not to have health insurance but to be a part of a share program. Now, the share program will help with a visit to the hospital and we would readily pay the money for me to go to the hospital if it is an emergency but what determines an emergency? Of course, if I stopped breathing or if one of our family was in an accident than of course, that is an emergency. But, if you are dealing with cold symptoms well, there tends to be more deliberation on whether or not a visit to the hospital is needed.
  2. We try to heal our ailments using natural means first. This does not mean that I do not use conventional medicine. I believe that there is a place for both but sometimes the line between the two is not so clear. Sometimes it is as clear as day. When Eric was dealing with asthma we tried some natural remedies but breathing is important (dontcha think?) and so we used conventional medicine. I appreciate all the more those who practice emergency medicine...they are my heros! But, some ailments like ear aches, tummy aches, colds, and such are easily dealt with using natural remedies.
  3. I personally dislike going to the doctor's office. In all honesty, I hate that look they give me when I answer their questions on things like family size or immunizations. The last time I went to the Doctor was when I had to get our adoption physicals done...five years ago! The doctor looked at me quizzically and said "You already have four children why do you want more?"...I know the answer to that question but for some reason when I am in the presence of a man/woman who has spent so much time in school to learn their trade I get flustered. Same when I tell them that I don't want to have certain immunizations given to my children. I mean, really, I have my evidence and have come to these conclusions deliberately. I am not one of those mommas that just doesn't want to see her child in pain. I have my reasons, conclusions that I have come to through a lot of prayer and reading. But, I still feel like I stumble over my reasons and then look foolish.
After a week of dealing with painful coughing spells and dealing with all of these issues above we have concluded that tomorrow I will go to the doctor and face the inquisition. We have the cash to pay for the doctor. I have used natural remedies for a week now with some results but not fast enough for what I think is healthy for the baby. So, I am working on my smile and pat answers knowing that I am equipped to deal with the questions that will come my way.

All in all, I should be thankful that I am a thinking person.
I need not be intimidated by those who are more educated than I am because ultimately medicine is a science giving much room for differences of opinions.

How did you like my pep talk to myself?
Thanks for listening!


Nan said...

Praying for an understanding and kind doctor. ((hugs)) I can't believe you are twenty weeks! Praying the second half of your pregnancy proves to be better than the first!

Can't wait to meet my newest niece or nephew!

E.T.'s Mom said...

You have such a great story, Heather. I am right there with you on your pep talk except for the liking labor part. Yikes! I could say I like the very last minute of labor, but that's about it.

Hope you feel better soon!

Joan said...

I love your pep talk! You go, momma; take care of yourself and the little kiddo incognito in utero. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Praying also Heather for a kind doctor and results that will help you get better as well as meet your wishes for the kind of health care you want.

FYI have you ever been to this website Some good and helpful advice (and some a bit out there or a bit difficult to obtain remedies) but I think it might be a good resource for you to get helpful info for your family when questions are needing answers or ideas for natural remedies. It has gotten us out of a jam a time or two, when we were not sure if a doctor was needed, or when we felt the doctor was doing stuff we did not agree with.

Like you I think there is a time and place for medical intervention and help, but have learned to be more cautious since my husband suffered a traumatic brain injury due to doctor prescribed (and taken correctly) we seek natural as much as we feel necessary before we seek medical help.

God bless you!

Jennifer said...

It's so sad that you can't find a doctor who is kinder and more open to your views. Of course, if you don't see a doctor often it would be hard to find one! :) Doctors that aren't patient-friendly give their field a bad rap :( I hope you feel better very soon! Being pregnant is tiring enough. I've only got 6 weeks left (if all goes as first was 3 weeks early. I try not to think about that!!).

JoyBelle said...

It is called a medical 'practice' for a reason. According to my emergency room physician brother-in-law. ;-) This helps keep me from being so intimidated by all their training and knowledge.

Blessings, Teri

Diane said...

It's sad that we have to have stress about going to the doctor isn't it? With a new baby myself, I've been reading about immunizations and I don't think we want to get any. I skipped my daughters 4 month well baby check up just because of the stress of having to deal with her doctor! When you feel better could you maybe do a post on what immunizations you don't get and why and what you do get (if any) and why. It would help us mothers who are trying to make the best choices for our children. I'm praying for you. The Lord will be with you tomorrow.

Luma said...

Wow, Heather!! We are so happy the Lord has blessed you in this way. The kids all look great and so grown up.

So, I'm about 4/5 weeks behind you. I'm pregnant also (will hit 16 weeks tomorrow.)

The Lord is full of mercy and grace, and what He has done in your life is proof of it.

Congratulations again!!

The Simms

Dena said...

Heather, you don't know me, but I have read your blog for years. Since right around the time Eric died. This is the first time I've ever commented, to my memory. I think I found you through Stacy M's blog (who I also do not know, personally). Anyway. I have prayed for you a lot, and on many occasions, wanted to call the beeper but never did. That is beside the point of what I'm saying now. :) What I was going to say is this. There is a wonderful new resource that just opened up recently that you might want to make use of. You can read about it all there, but, in short, The Infant Risk Center is a free resource for pregnant or breastfeeding moms to call to get reliable (unlike most MD's who will not have a clue what they're talking about) info on medication safety in such a season in life. Anyway. Just thought it might come in helpful. So happy to be able to go on your beautiful life journey with you via your blog. God is GOOD!

In Christ,

Dena said...

Oh, and I didn't think to mention this before, but...if you haven't already found a good doctor to go along with your midwife support (and even a non-squirrely pediatrician), I've found a good resource for that sort of thing to be a local La Leche League group. Leaders and those who attend such meetings are often like-minded. :) . :)

Anonymous said...

I have read here for years.I have wanted to contact you so often.I eally want you to know how happy I am for you.But I was reading over at Generation Cedar.I don't know if you have read this blog or not.She has a post about a woman Christie Thompson who just lost her husband and oldest son in a car reck.I have been praying a few days for her but I keep thinking of you and how much hope you could give her.I don't know if that is somthing you are yet ready for i really don't even know how to contact her.Mabey you could just read her story at Kellys blog.I have prayed for you often through these past years and am rejoycing that you have found a new husband and are caring a precious new life.

Anonymous said...

Could we have a picture of your blossoming belly...? :)We are so happy for you all.

Mrs. S said...

Heather, I was thinking about you and your family tonight for some reason. Ironically, when I snuggled down with my Bible after all the littles were nestled in bed, my studying was on the topic of widows. Made me think of you even more! I have been a quiet reader since you and Eric brought home "Cowboy" and "Brown Sugar". Your writings, the moments of your life that you have shared with us, are SUCH a testament of an amazing, powerful, sovereign God who gives and takes away. I have been blown away at the strength He has given in a time of enormous need, at His Body that cared for a widow BIBLICALLY (imagine that!!!) and of His amazing gift to you in giving you a perfect for you husband and now another gift in your womb. What a love story He has and is writing in your life! I just had to come out of my 'quiet reader' shell and thank you, earnestly, for taking the time to share. I have seen God in your 'story' and I love Him all the more because of it! Bless you and your family, Heather.

slplus5 said...

Heather, like Dena I have read your blog for years and have prayed for you many many times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this journey of your life. God has used your story to bless me and many others I'm sure. I pray now that you will soon be feeling well again and have strength for the move coming up. I just wanted to pass on to you 2 things that have worked in my family of 7 and that are staples in our house. One is RespirActin, which will help tremendously with your deep cough. My husband always suffered terribly with colds/coughs and this gets him breathing again and stops the cough. The sooner he takes it when he gets a cold, the better. The link for it is
The other thing is a recipe for Thieves oil, which you can make yourself from 5 different essential oils and jojoba oil. Great natural hand sanitizer. Our kids rub it on the bottoms of their feet and on their hands when they feel something coming on. Also great on the chest when you have a cold. The recipe is at

Blessings to you on this Canadian Thanksgiving Day!