Saturday, January 29, 2011


Again the tears stream down my face.
I know it will take years...
But, the tears this year are falling from a thankful heart.
I am thankful to all that came down immediately to the hospital to support my children.
The hospital had to open a conference room because there were so many of you!
I am thankful for Lisa K who kept everyone posted on my blog.
I am thankful for Wendy W for coming down to the hospital to pray and sing with me knowing that the next day we would be declaring Eric officially dead.
I am thankful for Steve W (our pastor) for being the voice that I could not be....he graciously told the kids that their dad had died.
I am thankful for my parents who drove down from Oregon as soon as they found out that Eric had collapsed...and for the months of help with Eric's pool cleaning business...and for all of the help in dealing with the details of death.
I am thankful for our next door neighbors, the Johnsons, who immediately went down to their church and picked up a pager so that I could be encouraged by the thousands of people who were praying for us.
I am thankful that Rick was able to come out and say good-bye to his best friend.
I am thankful that Susan, Trish, and Brooke were able to come and say good-bye to their son/brother. I can't imagine their pain!
I am thankful for the Schroeder and Hector families who both took time to distract my kids during such a hard time.
I am thankful for Valerie McCall who was able to reserve their church for Eric's memorial.
I am incredibly thankful for all that Eric's military unit did to make sure his funeral service was the best it could be...we even had a real bugler to play taps while a flag was retired for Eric.

I am thankful for my children who have all bore well the grief of losing their dad and have all shown to others how God, their heavenly Father, provides for them.

I am thankful for the sanctification that God has seen fit to do in my life...
thankful for His provision...
thankful for His mercy.

Most of all, I am thankful for you!
Whether you are a close friend, a new friend, a blog friend, a member of the church we attend, your prayers and the love that was shown towards our family over the past three years has been amazing. Incredible.
I am in awe of God's faithfulness to us through you.

So, even though there are tears streaming down my face for the majority of this day, it is with a grateful heart that my heart keeps singing.



Wayne and Sue Rasmussen said...

You and your family are loved! We praise the Lord for his faithfulness to you in these past three years. God has done wondrous things! What a blessing your blog has been as you poured out your journey to the rest of us and so graciously allowed us to watch as God worked through you. Thanking our Father in heaven for his grace and mercy.
Sue Rasmussen

Jonathan Hunt said...

Blessed be the LORD, who has delivered you... (Exodus 18.10)

Shhfamily said...

It's been a privledge and a blessing to "walk" this journey with you and lift you and your family up in prayer! Hugs to you!

The Herd said... the word that I think of when I think of you and your journey of hope and new things from the last 3 years, but only because of this kind of thankful attitude that you have had along this way of tears of pain and joy. Thinking of you and your whole family!

kristin said...

Beautiful Heather! This brought tears to my eyes as well. I'm thankful for the way you point your pain to God for us all to see.

Kristin Lodi

anika said...

u r loved...
- anika
(blog friend)

All 8 of Us said...

I so remember following your blog and the shock and heartache I felt for you and your family 3 years ago.I remember calling that pager and praying that you would be wrapped in His comfort and care. What an amazing journey you have been well the Father has taken care of your every need.You have honored Him in the way you have trusted in Him. Thanks for sharing your story...God is bigger to me as I have seen Him at work in your life through your blog. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to hear about your new little one!

da halls said...

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the journey. Thank you for being real. You are a blessing, Heather.