Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have a misc file in my filing cabinet.
I have a misc drawer down in the kitchen to "catch" all of those items that
don't seem to have a home.
I have a misc file on my iPod Touch that I add odds and ends that spill out of my brain.
I even have a misc category for our budget for those items that just don't seem to fit into the regular categories.
And, my laundry room would not be complete without a plastic storage bin with a misc label on it.
Miscellaneous is just too long a word
so I go around talking about my misc file or misc box or misc drawer.

Well, it is about time that this blog has a misc blogspot.
So, here goes...
  • I am at 34 weeks in this pregnancy. Heartburn has taken over and the backache rarely ceases. But, it has been a great pregnancy and with only six to eight weeks left I am gearing up for the birth of Baby Olsson. I can not tell you how much I am enjoying the kicking and moving this baby does. Even the hiccups are a blessing to me. Lord willing, this baby will be born in our new home. And, I am excited to try out this whole water birth idea...I love the water and remember well how those warm showers helped me through my other labors.
  • I walked into a store yesterday and quickly realized that 22 years ago I use to visit this same store on my lunch break. I worked at Security Pacific Bank at the time and would visit the deli at this store while pregnant with Becca. What a crazy thought!
  • The house is almost cleaned up and just about everything has a place to "live". We had some bookshelves put in that need to be organized but other than that I believe that all the moving boxes are empty and almost all the wall hangings/pictures are hung.
  • Phil and I celebrated our first year anniversary with a little get-away to the foothills. Thanks to some friends of ours we were able to stay at a Worldmark for very little money. We brought all our own food and just enjoyed the quiet. We rarely get quiet around here with all these kids! Phil finished his introductory chapter of his dissertation while knitted and finished up two books that have been sitting by my bed for what seemed like forever!
  • Miss M took the above photo of Brown Sugar. She has such a great, creative photographic eye. If you would like to see more you can hope on over to MD photography to see her ever growing collection of photos.
  • And, the little tutu that Brown Sugar is wearing was made by my oldest daughter, Becca who has a blog of her own and an etsy site coming online soon. Her blog is life through red lenses. Her initials use to be RED...love the creative name she has given her blog. So proud of Becca!
  • Wedding plans are being laid for Nate and Carrie's wedding. The big day will be March 11th! We are very excited for both of them...lots of work to be done!
  • Now, most of you probably do not know that almost all of my babies have been late...I guess they like the warmth of mommy's womb! Anyway, Becca was two days early but then Nate was a week late, Miss M was twelve days late, and Daisy was 20 days late! Yep, you saw that right. This baby is due February 27th but I have anticipated that the baby will likely come at least two weeks late. Psycologically I do better if I just expect the baby to be late. That puts me having this baby the weekend that Nate and Carrie are suppose to get married. So, if you all think about it...maybe you could pray that the birthday of this little one be closer to the actual due date so that I can enjoy this wonderful time.
  • Tomorrow, Miss M, Daisy and I are headed down to Southern California for a debate tournie that Miss M is participating in. What I am looking forward to is seeing the beatiful sun and soaking up some vitamin D! I always deal with depression type symptoms this time of the year and so that sunshine really does come in handy.
  • Speaking of depression...I thought about how ironic it is that Eric's birthday and the anniversary of his death fall in one of the hardest months for me. Eric's birthday was January 4th. He would have been 44 years old. I can't say that these important days are getting easier. The kids are a reminder of the pain our family has dealt with. The pain might still be there but the relationship that I have developed with my Savior during these past three years has made beauty from ashes.
  • You know, it doesn't help to have all these surging prego hormones while dealing with the lack of sunshine and January milestones. I find myself just crying...a lot! Who knew that someone could have so many tears! Thankfully it has made me prayerful and mindful of those that I know that suffer similar loss.
  • I sure think that pregnancy clothes are awful cute now-a-days.
  • Things I get to do in the next six weeks before Baby Olsson arrives...take girls skiing (I am NOT skiing, just driving them to the slopes!), sort through and catalog the library books, sew some pillow covers for the library windowseat, reupholster a chair I bought at a garage sale for the baby's room, help plant grapes and trees in our new yard and garden, enjoy hanging with the family that God has given me at this time before the next big change happens!


Genealogy Joanie said...

Good! Keep those words coming - love it when you're writing here. I'm praying, by the way, that Baby-O will be born earlier than the due date, on Grandpa Olsson's birthday, or a couple of days later than the due date, on my birthday. For selfish reasons and so you can enjoy the wedding.

Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

That all sounds so wonderful! It's so good to see how greatly God has blessed you and your family. I hear water births are fabulous- I really wanted them with my two but ended up needing C-sections :( We will be praying baby arrives before the wedding- eek!

Amongchosen said...

I'm so excited for your day coming up! I'm so excited for Phil especially! Have you seen Riki Lake's documentary, "The Business of Being Born?" Never watched her show on TV,but it is a pretty good documentary.
Were your other births home births?

My older mom home birth story


& I'm usually 2 wks. late also, but http://amongchosenones.blogspot.com/2010/09/ivys-birth.html, not this time! (the why not)

E.T.'s Mom said...

What a full life!

The Edgerton Family said...

Lovely collection of misc. thoughts. So excited for all of the new for you. Makes me think of 2Cor. 5:17. If any man is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has gone, and the new has come!! :) Praying for you as you work through the pain and enjoy the blessings of this month. Glad you are getting some sunshine!!! Love to you and yours.

rkn said...


There are many blogs I read for enjoyment. While yours is definitely among them, yours also feeds my soul. Your time of wondering what in the world God was doing really spoke to me. It is easy to know that God has a plan. Living it out in faith is a whole lot harder. Thank you for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to me!

dkt said...

Just a suggestion...have you read about taking Evening Primrose Oil to speed up labor? I always take a LOT starting about 5 weeks before I am due. (you know you are taking too much if you get the runs...it's an oil...lol!) All it does is soften your cervix...but soften it does!! It makes your braxton hicks contractions more effective and once you are in labor it goes much more quickly. Also if, for timing reasons, you were to get your membranes stripped or water broken...it increases the likely-hood that those things would work, simply because your cervix is soft.

The lady that told me about it, had 20 hour labors/2 weeks late with her first 4. With her 5th she took EPO and delivered a week early with a 1hour labor.

Anyway...research it...see what you think! :D

Luma said...

Congratulations on Nate's upcoming wedding!!! Very happy for you guys. We wanted to send a Christmas card but didn't have your new address. May the Lord grant you a blessed delivery hour, and hopefully all will work well in His Providence so that you can be at Nate's wedding.