Monday, January 3, 2011

It's January 3rd Already?

But, wait!
I haven't even posted my pictures from Christmas!
Where has the time gone?
I am so far behind...

I have downloaded my pics and hope to have a post up soon.
Meanwhile, I sure hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration.
I also hope that 2011 is starting out well.

I have much to write and share...
my mind is exploding with ideas of what to write.
No writer's block here...just a lack of time.

As I look back on 2010 I am overwhelmed by all that has happened.
I enjoyed my first year of marriage,
my oldest daughter was married,
my niece was married (which meant a trip to Washington/Idaho for me),
I found out I was pregnant,
we bought a new house,
and just before the year ended my son proposed to the girl that he has been courting the past four months.

Can you all say change?
I remember a squabble that Eric and I had years ago about how important it was to change with the "times". I was frustrated with some of his notions and thought he should change his mindset...he was equally frustrated with me and thought that I should stick with the status quo. For this particular argument I believe he was right but every time I hear the word "change" I think about that time way back when.
Little did I know then that my life would take one incredible turn that would lead to amazing changes.
Change is a part of life.
I can't say it always feels fact, it can down right hurt.
Pain to the bone.
I have been thinking about all the changes in my life...if I look back over the past three years I can easily be overwhelmed by all that has taken place.
But, I made it through...I continue to make it through.
Each day brings more change as we have to die to self,
die to our own desires and wishes,
put to death some of those plans that no longer fit our life at the moment.
We have to be able to "go with the flow" if you will...
go with God's "flow" for our lives.

As much as I would like to hide in a corner and ask God for no more change in my life, I have come to realize that God is asking me to ride this wild river of life for His glory and my good.
He is asking me to live quite the adventurous life.
We had some friends over the other night for dinner and they shared with us a Youtube video of Pastor Francis Chan using a balance beam as an illustration for one of his sermons.
In the video Pastor Chan talks about Christians who like their lives to look pretty and be all put together...they are clinging to the balance beam. Pastor Chan asks what these Christians think that the Judge is suppose to do with their performance when they are done with their "routine". It can't be "Well done thou good and faithful servant" if all they did was cling to the beam for dear life. The adventure in our Christian walk is in the all out pursuit of a "routine" that wows the Judge.
Not because it is necessary for our salvation (it isn't) but because IT IS necessary to show our love for our God and Savior...the Judge!
Don't give up,
accept the change that God has placed before you,
"create" a routine that challenges you to live out loud rather than take the easy way out.



Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

You've handled the changes in your life with grace, my friend! Thanks for reminding me of Francis Chan's balance beam sermon. hmmmm........I'm thinking this would be a good time for me to watch it again!

Debi Carroll said...

Hi Heather,

I'm a friend of Kristin Lodi's at GFA...I have been keeping up with you over your blog and feel like I have made a good friend even though we have never met :) I love you as my sister in Christ and it has been a privilege to lift you and your family up before the throne of God. Here is a link to a song I heard for the first time today...I couldn't help but think of you and your journey when I heard this...

missy said...

I have just spent a bit of time looking at your blog. I found you as I was looking for Reformed Homeschooling blogs, and wanted to say how much I was touched by your story. What a lovely family you have!
I will come and read here again.

Genealogy Joanie said...

Heather, I LOVE this post! I sense a new vitality in it, your determination to go for it! Bless you.

Christine said...

Congratulations to Nathan! And to you!

I know you would have never asked for some of the change you've experienced in your life; however you have allowed God to work beauty for ashes friend!
God's blessings!