Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today I had Miss M take some pictures of the kids for a photo wall that I am working on.
These are the pics that she came home with...
Can you say adorable?
This five year old is a spit fire...she is a cuddle bug and very athletic. She just picked up a bike and started riding it, she runs like a marathon runner, she makes everyone smile around here. The other night she sat at the dinner table and said very calmly "the economy is going bad". We all started busting up laughing.
She is learning how to read...sometimes one of the most frustrating chores for me as a mom but it has been more of a delight than a frustration with this little one. Probably has more to do with my relaxed attitude with this one (hey, it only took six children!).

Oh my goodness! This guy is looking like such a young man! Foley is growing up and growing up fast. This guy has the most charming smile...ever! We hope that he doesn't lose the smile when they start straightening his teeth.
He is very athletic as well. This kid is fast...the next Usane Bolt? Hmmmm....
He is now in Christian Service Brigade's Stockade program and working on his pine wood derby car.
Foley is a happy kid and one of those kids that has a lot of friends....just like Brown Sugar.

Daisy is so incredibly happy-go-lucky. Always the optimist and a very hard working young lady. She is trying to find what her "talent" is...most of us agree that Daisy is very creative.
You should see some of the outfits that this girl comes up with. She painted her room orange and is so her!
Daisy is very loyal and she is athletic as well. She loves to be around kiddos just like her dad.
She is just so beautiful inside and out!

This is my in house photographer...Miss M has such a great eye for photography.
She is also very active in debate and this year has taken on Extemporaneous Speech as well. Extemp (as we call it) is a form of speech where you are given an up-to-date political topic and you have a half hour to write a 7 minute informative, compelling speech. This is not for the faint of heart! I get nervous for her just thinking about standing in front of three judges trying to convince them on an issue that you learned about only a half hour before!
The computer and library are her good friends...if she is not studying up on the political landscape of the day she is reading an Agatha Christie.

So, baby Olsson is now enjoying his/her 37th week in the womb.
Mommy is doing well...just tired and looking forward to no more heartburn!
Still hoping that we can have a February baby...
but also setting myself up for the possibility of a late baby like all my other kiddos.
Thankfully, I trust the Sovereign God who ordained this little one's b-day before the foundations of the world.
The lesson learned a long time ago? I can't control the birth date so don't worry about it...everything will work out.

Talking about smiles? I am very hopeful that I will get a picture with all my kids (and kids-in-law!) at Nate and Carrie's wedding. Yep, all NINE kids will be at the wedding if the baby arrives before and Becca and Peter can make it down. What a picture that will be!



Julia Harriyott said...

What gorgeous photos. Love them.

~The Mangos~ said...

i really enjoyed your family update post. we are involved in a speech and debate club this year. i just wanted to say that Extemporaneous Speech is very hard. i was a timer for Extemporaneous speech this past tournament. i am sure you (Miss M.) will do very well. Just stay cool, keep things smooth and SMILE.

Kenj said...

Love these :) Miss you.

Rebecca J said...

Absolutely stunning work Miss M! Heather- I can't believe how big everyone looks all of a sudden. Wow! You are so blessed- this you know. : )