Saturday, June 3, 2006

The Freezer is Full

Well, I embarked on a huge task. You see, I hate to cook in the summer. It gets very hot here...we have at least twenty days of over 100 degrees (O-kay, for those of you in the Southern states, I know you are all chuckling at my lack of fortitude. I know, I know...ours is a DRY heat.).
Well, I will admit that I am a whimp when it gets hot around here. It is the only negative to living in our area for me. So, to make life easier for me this summer, I decided to make three months of freezer meals so that I wouldn't have to cook during the summer. It also gave me something to take my mind off of our impending adoption.
So far we are doing great. We have all the marinated chicken in the freezer, the breakfast meals taken care of, and the meat dishes done. We have quite a few more things to accomplish but we are getting there.
The added bonus will be that when the children get here we will all be able to not worry about what is for dinner but rather take care of something that is much more important...relationships. And, talking about daughters and I are sure working on them while cooking up a storm today.
The hardest part of this endeavor was coming up with the money up front. But, in the end I am saving a lot of money. It cost me $270 a month to put up three months of meals. Even though I have to buy extras along the way (bread, milk, and such) I will still save our family a huge amount every month compared to what we were spending. As I reminded a friend of mine the other day, I am really feeding six adults right now. And, soon we will be adding two kids to the mix. So, anytime that I can save some money it is very helpful.
If you would like to try this I found most of the recipes for our meals in "Don't Panic, Dinner is in the Freezer" by Susie Martinez, Vanda Howell, Bonnie Garcia. It is a great resource.
Well, back to the kitchen for now. I will let you know if we get it all done.

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