Monday, June 5, 2006

Almost Done

Well, we are almost done with our cooking. What a fun time we have had. We are a bit worn out but a lot of food got put away for the next three months.
By the way, I have to give some credit to a dear friend of mine who not only let me borrow her cookbook but was the very reason I chose to get this done. You can read her blog at
So, it is just about time for a frappe break with the girls. But, before I can do that I have to go check on Mallory to see how her project of stuffing the manicoti is going.
Date Night with Mom June 8, 2006
We have some friends that are out on a two month road trip. While they were out I borrowed their home to use as a get-away with each of our children. You see, I figure, I rarely get to spend time with my children where it is not based on housework or schoolwork. It's about time that I get to do something fun and exciting with my kids. To spend an evening eating junk food and watching movies together is quite out of the ordinary. And, I also get to enjoy a quiet conversation with each one individually which is also out of the ordinary in our usually busy household.
Well, our youngest child was first. We went to Target first where she picked out a fingernail polish color and some snacks. She ended up buying Starbucks ice cream (she has great taste), coke, and candy. Then, we picked up some Kentucky Fried Chicken and headed over to our friends home. We ended up watching Felicity and a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie (Ugh! Now I know why we don't watch this stuff). Anyway, we had a great time. We even had ice cream for breakfast the next morning Let me tell you what...I earned a lot of bonus points on that one.
We jumped on the trampoline together (she had no idea that mom could actually do this) and then we sat in the hammock talking about life. We talked about the adoption and how it would change our lives. We talked about Joseph being overwhelmed by our world. We talked about how she is changing emotionally and physically. I asked her to think of one positive and one negative thing about each sibling and how she could possibly be encouraging to her brother and sisters. It was great to just sit talk, and eat ice cream with her. My mind is spinning with other, new ideas to make more of these moments happen. All in all, I spent $25 for an overnighter. The memories were priceless

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