Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tne Things We Enjoyed About Hawaii

Ten things that we enjoyed about Hawaii
1. Bellows Air Force Base being on the opposite side of the island of Honolulu.
2. Bellows Air Force base being a closed beach to the public
3. Watching military exercises being conducted on the beach...including hovercraft, tanks, helicopters, and lots of soldiers
4. The constant sea breeze that blew through our cabin daily
5. Snorkling with huge turtles and fish bigger then our hands painted in bright, beautiful colors
6. Catchin' a wave and following it right up to the shore
7. Diving into the waves (Joe was a kick to watch doing this)
8. USS Arizona and the history that we learned on our field trip to Pearl Harbor
9. Driving on the elevated Interstate highway (can you tell me what state you drive into from Hawaii?) that cost tax payers a whopping 10 million dollars per mile. It is quite an incredible highway and Hawaiin citizens thank you all very much!
10. Having no internet or phone access. Enjoying time on the beach, bonding as a family.

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