Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Crushed ice. Simple, plain, ordinary part of life. It doesn't even cost us a thing. This is the latest "toy" that Joe has discovered.
Africans do not like to be cold. But, Joe loves the shivers he gets from sucking on crushed ice. I think he also likes the idea that he can get it himself from the front of our refrig.
It is rather funny to watch him. He jumps around laughing when he gets that tingly feeling. He is delighted by the simplest of things. I am amazed by this.
Isn't it sweet how God uses something as insignificant as ice to remind us of how precious his gifts are to us? Joe is a precious gift given to us to nurture and enjoy. And, ice is another gift. To have the refrigeration to keep water in its solid form is a gift. To have a refrigerator that crushes the ice for us is a gift.
It has taken a child from a very impoverished nation to remind us to look at those normal things in life and rejoice.

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