Tuesday, August 22, 2006


We traveled to my hometown this past weekend. Many of my formative years were spent in Central Oregon and many of my memories are from this area. We went back to make more memories by introducing our new children to my whole family.
It is rather convenient to have all of my extended family in one area. Joe and Gabbie met their Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, Great Aunts, Great Uncles, and many, many cousins. Some of the highlights from our trip are:
My Grandfather, who has dimentia, singing Rock of Ages as a lullaby to Gabbie as I was trying to get her to sleep.
Singing old camp songs and old hymns with some friends of my parents around a "campfire". The campfire was a little propane kit that you would put in a fireplace. My Dad asked Joe if he had campfires like this in Liberia. Joe replied "Not from a jar." Smart kid!
Watching Gabbie stare at her new cousin, Hannah who is also from Liberia.
Getting to see all my cousins, Aunt April and Uncle Rick.
Dipping fries into fry sauce in front of Dandy's, an old fashioned, rollerskating, drive-in that my Mom, my Sister, Becca, and I visited.
Talking till one in the morning with my "little" brother (who happens to be 6'4"!)
Seeing Joe's eyes get really big when he saw his first mountain, Mt. Shasta.
Watching a car go from smoke pouring out of the engine to seeing the whole think burned to nothing. Thankfully everyone was okay and the car did not start a forest fire.
Hearing Stu Weber, the author of Tender Warrior, at my parents church. He had a wonderful biblically centered message that really spoke to both Eric and I.
Hearing Joe say "I don't want to go home!" Making the trip a success. And, of course, I can't forget introducing Joe to Grandpa Kinzer's big bear hugs. What a grin he gave us every time he got one.
Watching Joe enjoy his first roasted marshmellow.
Watching Gabbie take five steps at one time.
And, finding a beautiful Lane hope chest for Mallory. A bit early since she is only twelve and we usually buy this on the seventeenth birthday, but who can pass up a great deal. And, she loves antiques to boot!
Our trip ended up being a short but very sweet. I am thankful the kids did great with all the new people they met. There were bumps in the road but nothing that we couldn't deal with. Now it is laundry, housecleaning, and cuddling that is on our to-do list..

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