Monday, August 28, 2006

Where Does All The Time Go?

I have been overloaded with quite a few projects lately. And, most of them continue to sit on the shelf as I spend most of my time with the kids. I figure that it is time well spent. All of my kids are in training right now. Here is the run-down:

Rebecca, who is seventeen, is training to be a mommy herself right now. And, she's not even married! Her senior project is to teach Joe how to read this year. There are obvious reasons why this is great for her future life as a mom. She is also learning how to direct her siblings through the day. This will enable her to learn, under our roof, how to direct her own household. She has the cooking and cleaning down and now those chores are being passed down to her sisters. By the way, Rebecca has become one of my dearest friends due to all the time we have spent together.

Nathan will be sixteen next month. He is working with his Dad on a house project for a friend of ours. My husband is working on getting his contractors liscense so that he can do these projects for people. He is able to do just about anything that has to do with construction and he wants to pass this down to Nathan. Nathan is also learning how to run a business with his lawn care business. He has to pay for and find a way to get to his Medeival Martial Arts. Talk about determination!

Mallory is my new apprentice. She makes sure that the diaper bag is full, my wallet, sunglasses, water bottle, cell phone, and keys make it to the car with me everywhere we go. She has to be my brain also. Rebecca use to have this job but she will be moving on in the next couple of years and I want to make sure that Mallory is ready. Rebecca would help me with clothing, fabrics, general decorating and remembering facts for me. This is all being handed down to Mallory. She is still learning how to sew, iron, clean the house thoroughly.

Paige is learning how to be a big sister. She has been the youngest for eleven years. This will be a big project as she learns to not be bossy but lovingly guide her new brother and sister. Kids tend towards legalism and controlling and that is why we, as parents, must show them how to encourage in love and service to others. This is my goal for Paige.

Joseph is probably the most work in the coming months. We believe that he is actually six going on seven and he has never had much training in social behavior. So, we will be spending a lot of time on how to sit still, table manners, how to be a friend, serving others, etc. We have to make up six years.

Gabrielle is probably the easiest for me because we are starting from the beginning. She is learning to sit still in church and be quiet when I ask her to. She is learning how to feed herself and what to touch/not to touch. She is pliable since she is so young.

So, this is what my days involve. I am sorry to say that management is not one of my natural abilities but training is one of my highest priorities. I get better all the time and God willing we will see the fruit that we see in our older children in our young ones as well.

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