Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well, We Have Just Been Initiated

Well, it has happened. We have passed the first of many initiation tests as adoptive parents. Yesterday while Joe was suppose to be napping he was instead unrolling the whole toilet paper roll into the toilet. This might not be that unusual for young ones but I never did experience it with my bio children and so I am taking it as a step toward my badge of a "true" adoptive parent.
But, that is not all. When I went in to talk to Joe about this I got a whiff (and I mean a strong whiff) of Old Spice deoterant. He had managed to use his big brothers deoterant over the majority of his arms and body. I stiffled my laugh as I realized what he had done. He had also managed to strip his bed and pull down the shades (a big no-no) in his room.
There was no big discussion except to let little Joe know that I understand that there is so much new stuff for him to learn and so it must seem overwhelming. We talked about why we do not do these things and he tearfully apologized.
I have been watching a video set by Nancy Thomas about RAD which is an attachment disorder. While I do not believe that Joe has this I have really taken to heart some of the things she has been teaching. One being to enjoy life with your children. Have positive and funny moments. I don't necessarily enjoy plunging the toilet but the deoterant thing was definately something to laugh at.
Today, he smelled similar but not as strong. I asked if he had used Nathan's deoterant without permission again. He said with a big smile "No. Nathan put it on me". I smiled. He gets it. It will just take time to get it all. But for the time being we feel like we have passed one of the many tests that we will likely endure this coming year.

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