Sunday, September 3, 2006

Does Anyone See A Problem Here?

As you walk through the Museum of Modern Art you are repulsed by the constant barrage of nudity on the walls and in the sculptures. You wish that you hadn't brought your children...what were you thinking? Is this glorifying to God or is it another attempt of our culture to desensitize us to God's commands of modesty? But everyone says that our kids need a bit of culture in their lives. Hmmm.
Now, really, the majority of us would never think of walking through a museum like this ourselves, let alone take our childen. But, recently I had to tiptoe through a homeschool purchase.
I bought Omnibus II (Veritas press) for my highschoolers to use as a humanities, history, and literature program. Needless to say, I felt like I was walking through the Museum of Modern Art but the art in this book was all deemed appropriate because it was classic art and not modern art. The nudity was just as blatant and absurd but because it was painted by the great artists we set it aside as beautiful.
I see a huge problem here. This is where I part ways with 'classical' education. It may seem simplistic in a way but the little children's song "Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See" seems to reverberate through me everytime I am accosted by an art piece that is blatantly godless.
After Adam and Eve sinned they instinctively covered themselves in shame. God covered Adam and Eve when they left the garden. God did not just suggest or request that they cover themselves. He actually clothed them with the hides of animals that He killed.
I am in the process of 'covering' the photos of classic art in my new book. In the meantime, am I the only one that cringes when I see the homeschool 'classical' movement take liberties here?

2 comments: said...

so glad to find this post, we just bought omnibus I and as I worked through the lessons plans for the first quarter I was appalled at the amount of nudity. So much so, that I walked away from my lesson planning to pray and reflect. I think I will wait for my husband to come home and discuss the matter with him. Out of curiousity, what are you covering the nudity with? stickers?

Lazy D Ranch said...

We used a black permanent marker and I just drew tiny, cute black dresses and outfits on all of the nudists. :)