Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sweet Little Brown Sugar

Call me a bit biased but I really do think that Brown Sugar is one of the beautiful babies around. Our little baby is now walking all over the place and exploring all kinds of new territory. Right now she is playing with some empty boxes sitting by the back door. Isn't life grand?
Hubbie calls her his "brown sugar", Boo calls her "sugar", Goose calls her his "dark chocolate scharffenberger (my favorite chocolate company), Miss M, Muffin and J call her by her name. I call her "baby" with a big smile. I am beyond smitten with this newest addition to our family.
Ask her to praise Jesus and she will lift up her hands. Ask her to make a silly face and she will squint her eyes and wrinkle her nose. She knows the signs for yes, no, more, please, thank you, all done, up, and down. But, all that a side it is her smile that gets me. She has a five tooth grin that is to die for. And, who can resist her when she is practically running to me with arms stretched up and saying "ma-ma".
I am blessed. I am blessed to have such joy after ten years of baby drought. I am blessed to have this little sweetie call me ma-ma when I did not give birth to her.
I am tired but I AM BLESSED!

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