Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lessons Learned

I am in the process of learning a hard lesson.
I have eaten whatever I wanted whenever I wanted for most of my life. My body has protested for the past couple of years but I have ignored the signs.
Some of those signs are: itchy skin, eczyma, stomach problems, weight gain, and no energy.
During my last visit with the Doctor he told me that if I would do certain things that I could rid myself of these symptoms. Whoo-hoo! But, do I have the endurance to keep up the process of cleaning my body? I have tried diets before and have succeeded for limited amounts of time only.
I can't say that this time will be different but I am doing it for a different reason. I have gotten so tired of these symptoms that I am willing to work hard at this. And, one of the side benefits is losing weight and having more energy for my children.
So, here is what I have to do:
1) I have a load of different medicines and natural remedies that I must keep up for at least one month. But, I must be prepared to keep it up for a very long time to get rid of the over growth of yeast in my body.
2) I must eat a diet of vegetables and meat. I can not eat any yeast products, grains, sugar, or fruit for at least a month. I may add apples and berries after one month. I am eating more veggies then I have every thought possible. I have personally decided to keep this up till the end of May.
3) I must drink lots and lots of water. This is a hard one for me. I have tried water with lemon, with lime, and even with cucumber. I just need to get better at having water around and getting into the habit of drinking even if I am not thirsty.
4) I am adding exercise. I know this is what he wants me to do and what I need to do. I am working on walking at least three times a week and lifting weights at least two times a week. I am also trying to be more active which is much easier now that Spring has officially arrived.
There you go! My new life. I will probably always have to watch what I eat to not have these symptoms return but how much easier is it to keep this up at home then if I was working outside the home.
My 40th birthday is this May and as a birthday present to myself I have a goal to have my energy back and a slimmer body. So, I will be keeping up this diet through May and then I am hoping to continue to eat this way daily and enjoy those once-in-a-while occasions.
What a great way to start out the next forty years of my life!
***I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks now. I have actually made it through my first month and am doing splendid. The hardest for me is when my family is enjoying pizza and I am having a salad instead (pizza is my all time favorite food). But, the results are soooooo worth it. I have lost sixteen pounds so far and when I "caught" the flu I bounced back much quicker then I would have in the past. I have a long way to go and I realize that but the goal is looking much more attainable and I have this desire to accomplish it.

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