Friday, March 23, 2007

Lil' Cowboy's Birthday Party

It was a warm, beautiful day last Friday. Our friend's ranch was the perfect place for Lil' Cowboy's birthday party.
Can you guess the theme? Yep...we had a lot of little boys who were dressed up like cowboys. We started out giving everyone a "mustache" and a bandana.
My friend's father came out and gave the boys pony rides. What a blessing for Lil' Cowboy and all his buddies.
There was milk can roping, "Feed the Horse a Carrot" (pin the tail on the donkey), apple dunking, and lantern making.

They were itching to play cowboys and bandits. So, off they went jumping over hedges, hiding behind bushes, and running through fields to get the next great bandit. There were quite a lot of play guns and pretend horses. Lil' Cowboy had the time of his life.
Hot dogs, potato salad, chips, beans, and root beer was the grub of the day. Then, they enjoyed a horse cake made by Boo. Even Brown Sugar had a great time.
Lil' Cowboy's siblings were an incredible help. Hubbie was very sick which usually does not keep him down but this bug had him flat on his back. The rest of us were tired and relieved that it was over but thoroughly happy that Lil' Cowboy had such a successful first birthday in America.
Happy Birthday Lil' Cowboy!

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