Monday, April 16, 2007


This past Sunday my Grandpa died. But, in my heart Grandpa died many years ago. He had such a hard time dealing with the death of my Grandma twenty-six years ago. She was the glue that kept the family together. She also kept Grandpa sober. After she passed away Grandpa self destructed. Alcohol took over his life and caused our family many heartaches. Twenty-six years later his heart could no longer handle the abuse.
As I sat through the memorial service and stood next to my Grandparents graves I was so grateful for many wonderful memories. And, the many people at the service had wonderful memories also. The incredibly heartbreaking part is not knowing if my Grandpa is spending eternity in heaven. I pray that God granted mercy on his life even if it was right before his last breath.
On Monday, I realized that I needed to reflect on something other then my Grandpa's eternal destination. It hit me that even in this difficult time I have the opportunity to praise the one and only God of heaven and earth. He is all powerful over life and death. He has the power of salvation and mercy. He has the power of justice. I am in awe.

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