Wednesday, April 25, 2007


My family lived in Portland for quite a few years when I was very young and we also lived in Bend for nine of my middle years. I love Oregon but always got a kick out of visitors who did not know how to pronounce its name. So, above is the correct way to say Oregon.
I was able to visit Oregon this past weekend. Boo, Daisy and I drove a rental car a week ago today to visit family and friends but also to go to my Grandpa's funeral. Last Wednesday was a twelve hour drive to Portland. We drove through snow, hail, and rain. We stayed with my sister and met up with my parents who flew in from Palm Springs.
Thursday we drove to the funeral which was about 1 1/2 hours away. I saw cousins and other family members I have not seen for ages. I even met other family members for the first time. The funeral was well done. Very simple. We went out to the grave sight and where I was blown away by the beauty. The last time I had been up there was when my Grandma died in 1981. The sun shown through the grove of trees. And, on both sides of the graveyard the hill dropped off into a beautiful green valley. After a long day we drove back to my sisters.
Friday we drove to Bend which is about three hours drive on one of the most scenic highways I have ever been on. I enjoy this drive so much. We walked around Sisters and then spent the evening resting at my parents home.
Saturday the girls and I visited my other Grandparents just down the highway from my parents house. We had such a wonderful time helping out and visiting. Grandpa was in such a great mood which is much different then the past couple of months. They have him on some medication to help him sleep and not be so agitated. This became important for my Grandmother's sake. She looked much better also. Grandpa even stood and prayed for us before we left. This is somewhat of a miracle since I can't remember him ever doing this before. Let me tell you it was hard to keep the tears back. I don't care if he doesn't remember who I am any more I am just thrilled to have such wonderful memories of him during his final years.
Sunday we drove back to Central California....home. This time it was a nine hour trek. What an adventure! i feel like I accomplished so much and in such a little amount of time. The only thing that would have made it better was if my whole family could have gone with me. But, then again....not sure if Brown Sugar would agree.
And, for those of you who care I only broke my new way of eating twice. I had a flour tortilla and a Diet Dr. Pepper. I was a bit worried about the food issue because I associate junk food with road trips. But, I made it through another change in my life and so I know the next time will not be as hard. Thanks for the prayers!

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