Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Daisy Fields Basket Co.

Thank you Kendra for all of the kind words and the beautiful picture that you posted of my latest creation. My family is the proud owner of Daisy Fields Basket Co. I am the creative side of the company and love every minute of it. This little side business has been a blessing to me because it allows me to create unique, special gifts for others.
I have such a great time finding containers and baskets and then finding the product to fill them with. I have always disliked cellophane and shredded paper so I chose to fill the containers completely with the highest quality product I can find.
Since this is a very part-time job I am limited to making baskets during the holiday season or for a large order during the rest of the year. I can also manage a few baskets if I am given a few weeks notice.
I have started a blogspot for Daisy Fields as an online portfolio. I will continue to add pictures of my creations so keep checking back!

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