Monday, May 21, 2007

When Sin Comes Knocking

What do you do when a filthy magazine subscription finds itself in your mailbox?
As I was cleaning off my desk this morning I uncovered a disgusting, vile magazine sitting on my desk. As my shock wore off I got a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach. What if my husband saw the cover? What if my boys saw it? What if my girls saw it? I did not set it on my desk so someone saw it. This is one of those times that you realize that you can not protect your children from everything. We are very concerned at what our children hear, see, read, and watch. I just did not think that I would have to monitor the mail also.
The front of the magazine says that we have a subscription until May of next year. I do not know who bought this subscription but I sent a letter to the publisher in hopes that we will not have to worry about another magazine showing up.
In these circumstances I am very bold and state the truth without wavering. I sent an email and also plan on calling them to let them know how disgusted and upset I am that they would push their sin on us in this way.
Here is the email I sent:
To whom it may concern,
I am not sure how we got on the subscription list of this magazine but I would appreciate being taken off the list. DO NOT send another magazine.
I know you are all too desensitized to realize that your magazine is actually smut. Over the years we have become very sensitive to this kind of material. As we have walk away from what the world has to offer it has become evident that the product you are all promoting shows how incredibly hopeless your lives are. The pictures and articles in your magazine show the lowest a human being can go in his sin. How sad when there is so much more to live for.
We don’t want our children to see this disgusting, vile material. We are raising our boys to be brave, courageous men who defend women and children rather then take advantage of them or use them. The men you portray in your magazine are merely looking out for their own sexual interest. They are perverts.
Our girls are being raised to be lovely. To be a prize that a worthy young man will cherish. They are being raised not to flaunt their sexuality but to appreciate it as a gift. The picture of Avril Lavigne on the front of your magazine was pornographic. She, along with the other women portrayed in your magazine are modern day prostitutes.
As we say, pagans will be pagans. Pagans worship themselves and creation rather then worshiping the One True Living God who is the Creator of all that we see. You have reminded us that there is a very dark, dark section of our world that live vile and ungodly lives. Thank you for the reminder. It makes us all the more diligent to protect, guide, and train our children to be godly and to hate the sin that you promote.

I expect to not see another one of these magazines delivered to our address.

Eric and Heather Davis

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